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At Iris® Powered by Generali, it’s not really about us. It’s about how identity theft and cybercrime have become a reality for too many. It’s about making a person feel whole again, when despite their best efforts, they’ve still become a victim. It’s about understanding that many companies do what we do – just not like we do.

Iris is a B2B2C global identity and cyber protection company owned by the190-year-old multinational insurance company, Generali, offering always-available identity resolution experts (yes, real people available 24/7/365) and tech-forward solutions that uncomplicate the protection process. We opened our first Washington, DC office in 1982 with a simple mission, bringing customers from distress to relief – anytime, anywhere – and went on to become one of the very first identity theft resolution providers in the U.S. in 2004.

Today, understanding that victimization has no geographical boundaries, we’ve got a solution no matter what your customers’ coordinates are.

Key Products

  • OnWatch®

  • ScamAssist®

  • IDRiskIQ™

  • Beneficiary Companion™

  • Email Health Check

  • Breach Catalog

  • RansomStop™

  • DataScrambler®

  • PhishBlock®

Customer Insights

Iris’ commitment to clients is showcased best by what they have to say:


“We started our partnership with Iris in 2018 and could not be happier with our decision. Iris’ ID Theft protection service has been a key differentiator for our brand. It has enabled us to enter a key segment for our customers and helped us clinch deals. Concern around identity is on the rise and the ability to provide such a product has built confidence in our brand. In addition, Iris’ global coverage and product fluidity has opened up new opportunities expanding our addressable market. All of this would not have been possible without Iris’ support, especially the promptness and transparency with which their teams operate.” (Global Client)


“By incorporating Iris’ solutions into our product line, we have achieved tangible and positive outcomes. Firstly, we have witnessed increased customer loyalty as a result of offering a dependable product at a competitive rate. This has not only attracted new customers but also fostered a stronger bond with our existing customer base. Additionally, the integration of Iris’s solutions has led to heightened client and partner satisfaction. By providing an additional revenue stream, we have been able to meet the evolving needs of our clients while strengthening our relationships.” (AGIA)


“When Nationwide first explored identity theft solutions over a decade ago, we considered developing our own product, while also researching existing providers. Our experience has been that collaborating with a leading third-party provider who already had the expertise and the infrastructure to provide resolution services was a cost-effective approach, enabling us to get a product to market quickly. It was also important to us to choose a partner with shared values and a focus on providing our customers with a strong level of protection and service. If you start with fundamental alignment on these core issues, navigating the implementation and ongoing enhancements to the product can happen seamlessly.” (Nationwide)


“Since partnering with Iris in 2017, Legal Resources’ Identity Protection plan participation has grown almost tenfold within our clientele. We anticipate continued growth throughout the coming years as identity theft persists. The reason we partnered with Iris was because of their values, mission, and dedication to customer service. It aligned perfectly with Legal Resources’, and there was an instant synergy between our two companies. As a company looking to offer identity protection services, make sure it fits your product mix and relates to the customers you’re marketing to. If those match up, we haven’t found a better company to work with like Iris. Legal Resources highly recommends taking a hard look at offering Iris’ outstanding product offerings.” (Legal Resources)


  • Iris identity protection services are available in 125 countries across 6 continents. 

  • We have also translated our services into 25 different languages and counting.

  • Iris identity protection services are available to ~315M people in the U.S., ~150M in the Middle East and Africa, and ~400M in Southeast Asia. 

  • Our Net Promotor Score is a 91 (YTD as of June 2023), and we track at a 96% overall customer satisfaction rating (YTD as of June 2023).

  • Our Resolution Center proudly holds a 9.3 second average wait time (YTD as of June 2023). 

Key Executives

Paige Schaffer, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Global Identity and Cyber Protection Services at Iris® Powered by Generali (the Company), Ms. Schaffer leads sales & marketing strategy and revenue growth initiatives, managing operations as well global expansion. Leveraging her subject matter expertise of 15+ years in identity & cyber protection and restoration services, particularly as they apply to B2B2C software-as-aservice, she was the visionary behind the behind the creation and evolution of Iris’ innovative identity & cyber protection services. Under her guidance, Iris has secured multiple multimillion-dollar contracts with Fortune 500 companies, and Ms. Schaffer has directly sold new business and negotiated extended contract lengths, thereby maximizing revenue streams for the Company.

Erik Nienaber, Chief Technology & Product Officer

Erik Nienaber is the Chief Technology & Product Officer at Iris® Powered by Generali. Previously he was a CTO, Vice President of Product Development at Mobile Posse, where he managed operations and technology, with a focus on streamlining product and feature development. Nienaber was a Senior Director of Software Engineering and Head of Product at My Sports Registration. He started his career in 1996 as a Technical Manager of AOL.

Nienaber graduated from Georgetown University with an MBA in public policy and from George Mason University with an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Affairs.

Eugenia Blackstone, Chief Marketing Officer

Eugenia Blackstone is the Chief Marketing Officer of Iris® Powered by Generali. She leads the development and execution of strategic marketing programs for the identity and cyber protection services business via partnerships with global business executives, product management, and sales teams.

Before joining Iris, Blackstone was a VP of Global Marketing – Identity and Cyber Protection Services at Generali Global Assistance North America and a Director of Marketing at Europ Assistance USA. She started her career as a Marketing Manager at CNH.

Blackstone earned her undergraduate degree in marketing from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Keuty Gueye, VP, Financial Planning and Analysis

Eduardo Labanca, VP, Global Account Management

Eduardo Labanca is the VP, Global Account Management of Iris® Powered by Generali. Eduardo has a proven record of stellar results achieved in over 23 years of experience in the Service industry, managing large 24×7/follow the sun Operations teams as well as key client accounts in the Travel Assistance, Senior Care and in the Concierge business lines.

Eduardo has also delivered remarkable results in scaling up large Global accounts with worldwide deployment of valuable customer centered solutions in those Industries, as well in the Cyber & Identity Protection space.

Jeff Elbaum, VP, Global Sales

Jeff Elbaum is the VP, Global Sales at Iris® Powered by Generali. He has an extensive and unique B2B and B2C background with a knack for identifying new, high-impact, opportunities. 20+ years of leadership experience, managing top-performing sales, marketing and account teams.

Previously Elbaum was a Senior Business Development Director at Generali Global Assistance North America and before that an EVP Business Development at ShieldApps and a VP Business Development at iolo technologies, LLC. Elbaum started his career at AOL as a Senior Manager. Elbaum earned his undergraduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University

Michele Krisanda, SVP, Global Product Development

Michele Krisanda is the SVP of Global Product Development at Iris® Powered by Generali. She has a broad background across a variety of B2C and B2B industries including cyber & identity protection, technology, financial services, credit card membership services, energy, and non-profits.

Krisanda started her career in 1896 at Bancsmiths Mortgage. From there she went on to Citi before eventually rising to Senior Product Manager at Generali Global Assistance North America, her most recent position prior to joining Iris.

Krisanda graduated from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business with an MBA and from the University of Virginia with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Sidick Traore, VP, Global Service Delivery

Sidick Traore is the VP of Global Service Delivery at Iris® Powered by Generali. Previously Traore was a Vice President of Global Services at Generali Global Assistance and a Manager at Europ Assistance USA. Traore graduated from Towson University with an undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science.

Aditi Chandramani, VP, Product Delivery and QA

Aditi Chandramani is the VP of Product Delivery and QA at Iris® Powered by Generali. She is focused on building global identity theft protection and cyber services. Before joining Iris, she was a Director of Product Management at Generali Global Assistance North America. Chandramani earned an MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management and an undergraduate degree in international finance from the University of Maryland.

Sarat Marudhuri, Chief Architect

Sarat Marudhuri is the Chief Architect at Iris® Powered by Generali. Before that she was a Principal Architect at Cloud Technology Partners and a Senior Systems Developer at Mobile Posse. Earlier in her career, she worked with UnitedHealth Group as an Enterprise Solution Architect. Marudhuri graduated from the University of Madras with an undergraduate degree in electronics and communications.

Organizational Insights

Paige Schaffer, leader and CEO of Iris Powered by Generali, responded to the company’s inclusion in The Software Report’s Top 100 Software Companies of 2023, saying, “We’ve always been a bit of an outlier in the software space, given our background. Our story started as pioneers in the assistance industry back in the 80s, with ‘care’ engrained in our DNA, so we think a bit differently than other software companies today. But that’s what gives us our edge and makes us so unique. We’re used to doing thing that no one else is doing yet and moving away from the status quo. Iris is doing just that in the identity & cyber protection space right now, so we’re very proud to be recognized for that.”


Iris is led by CEO, Paige Schaffer, and owned by Europ Assistance Holding, which is based in Paris, France. Europ Assistance Holding is owned by the multinational insurance conglomerate, Generali Group.

Key Milestones

  • 2004: We became one of the very first organizations to provide identity theft resolution services in the U.S.

  • 2006: Credit Monitoring was introduced.

  • 2008: Identity Monitoring added.

  • 2016: We launched our identity protection portal. 

  • 2018: We launched our European platform in Italy, France, and Germany.

  • 2019: We focused heavily on international expansion in Latin America, Vietnam, Greece, and Japan.

  • 2020: We made our entire portal product available in Spanish, and we added Personal Cyber Protection services; Small Business monitoring; Enhanced and Instant Credit Alerts; Breach Catalog; and Email Health Check. 

  • 2021: We expanded our European platform and added biometric multi-factor authentication and IDRiskIQ. 

  • 2022: We rebranded from Generali Global Assistance to Iris Powered by Generali; development efforts focused on our API platform and new mobile first dashboard launch in Southeast Asia. 

  • 2024: We will celebrate 20 years of offering identity theft services!

News and Press Releases

  • Parks Associates: 72% of Smart Home Product Owners are Concerned With Personal Data Security (Read)

  • Iris Powered by Generali Launches ScamAssist, a Brandable Consumer Protection Service (Read)

  • Iris® Powered by Generali Reports Four in Five Americans Less Willing to Shop at Stores with Data Breaches in 2022 Holiday Survey (Read)

  • Iris Powered by Generali Lends Support for Cybersecurity Awareness Month (Read)


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Corporate Responsibility

Iris Powered by Generali’s global headquarters are proudly located inside the ecologically sound, quadruple LEED Platinum-certified World Wildlife Fund (WWF) building in the beautiful West End neighborhood of Washington, DC. The building was designed and built to conserve resources, limit waste and pollution, and protect the environment. Water usage is reduced by over 20% through the installation of low flow fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, and dual flush toilets. 

The building diverts over 90% of paper, glass, plastics, cardboard, metals, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs from landfills. Also, WWF uses MERV 13 HVAC air filters. In addition to producing better indoor air quality, these filters feature a low pressure drop which translates to more efficient use of energy. Renewable energy credits (REC) are purchased to cover 100% of the electricity used in the building. The credits come from 25% local wind and 75% national wind.

A building Energy Star Rating of 86 out of 100 was achieved through efficiency upgrades to the base building mechanical systems. Compared to the average office building of the same size, energy savings translate into a reduction of the following pollutants: CO2 4,021,987 lbs/yr, Methane 173 lbs/yr, Nitrous Oxide 34 lbs/yr, SO2, 13,377 lbs/yr and Nitrogen Oxide 6,042 lbs/yr.