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JFrog is a leading DevOps platform provider that revolutionizes the software development process. With a strong focus on innovation and continuous updates, JFrog empowers organizations to accelerate their software development lifecycle and achieve greater agility. Their expertise lies in providing tools and technologies that simplify the software delivery process, setting us apart from our competitors.

Founded in 2008 by Shlomi Ben Haim, Yoav Landman, and Fred Simon, they are headquartered in Netanya, Israel, and Sunnyvale, California, with offices in major cities worldwide. Their inception was driven by the need to address the challenges faced by developers, operations teams, and enterprises. Since then, they have remained committed to developing robust tools and fostering collaboration among teams, positioning themselves as a frontrunner in the DevOps industry.

The company, backed by renowned investors such as Spark Capital, Sapphire Ventures, and others, has raised $226.5 million in funding. They have successfully completed multiple funding rounds, including a Post-IPO Equity round on September 16, 2020. Additionally, JFrog strategically acquired companies like Shippable, Inc., Conan, Dimon, CloudMunch, and Trainologic to enhance their capabilities and offerings.

JFrog powers development teams by enabling a fast and secure flow of software from developers’ keyboards to devices. Their mission is to accelerate digital transformation in leading global enterprises, helping millions of developers deliver secure software. With a focus on automating DevOps, SecOps, and IoT organizations, JFrog envisions a world where software updates are continuous, fast, and fearless.

Key Products


Artifactory is JFrog’s flagship product and a universal binary repository manager. It acts as a single source of truth for managing binaries, artifacts, and dependencies throughout the software development lifecycle. Artifactory provides robust security measures, traceability, and accessibility, enabling teams to store, organize, and share their software packages efficiently.

JFrog Xray

Xray is a powerful and comprehensive vulnerability and impact analysis tool. It provides visibility into software components and their associated security risks. With Xray, development teams can identify vulnerabilities, license compliance issues, and other risks within their applications. It integrates seamlessly with Artifactory, ensuring that only secure and compliant components are used in the software supply chain.

JFrog Pipelines

It is a next-generation DevOps automation solution that enables organizations to orchestrate and automate their software delivery pipelines. It simplifies the process of building, testing, and deploying applications, allowing teams to achieve faster and more reliable software releases. With its intuitive visual interface, JFrog Pipelines offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to various deployment scenarios.

JFrog Distribution

It is a comprehensive software release orchestration platform and helps organizations manage the end-to-end process of distributing software artifacts to various destinations, ensuring secure and reliable releases. Distribution integrates seamlessly with Artifactory and other JFrog products, providing a centralized hub for managing and tracking software distributions.

JFrog Mission Control

JFrog Mission Control is a centralized control and monitoring platform that provides real-time insights and metrics across the entire JFrog platform. It enables organizations to gain visibility into their software development processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficient resource utilization. Mission Control offers a unified view of multiple JFrog instances, empowering organizations to manage and optimize their DevOps operations effectively.

Customer Insights

JFrog’s products have garnered positive reviews and ratings from users. JFrog’s flagship product, Artifactory, a universal binary repository manager, has received high praise on G2 as well as on Capterra. Users appreciate its ease of use, configurability, and its ability to efficiently handle and deliver software artifacts. JFrog Xray, a vulnerability and impact analysis tool, has also received positive feedback for its comprehensive security features and integration with Artifactory.

Based on reviews on G2, JFrog has an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The company is recognized as a leader in the DevOps industry, with users highlighting its ease of use, responsive customer support, and robust features. JFrog’s product suite, including JFrog Pipelines for automation and JFrog Distribution for software release orchestration, has received acclaim for streamlining the software delivery process and ensuring secure and reliable releases.

JFrog’s commitment to providing real-time insights and analytics is evident in JFrog Mission Control, which has been commended for its intuitive dashboard and ability to monitor and optimize the entire JFrog platform. Additionally, JFrog’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions, such as JFrog Pipelines, have received positive feedback for their efficiency in building, testing, and deploying applications.

On the other hand, JFrog’s core product, Artifactory, has an interesting rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with 17 reviews on Capterra. Users write that JFrog’s Artifactory has proven to be an invaluable tool in our development workflow. The platform’s ability to manage and organize our artifacts effectively has greatly enhanced their development process, and they can easily store, share, and distribute their software packages, dependencies, and libraries in a centralized and secure manner.

Additionally, the seamless integration with popular build tools and CI/CD pipelines has made their continuous integration and deployment processes smoother and more efficient. They often commend the support team behind Artifactory for being highly responsive and always ready to assist with any queries or issues they encounter.

Overall, JFrog’s products have gained a strong reputation among users for their functionality, ease of use, and ability to accelerate software delivery while maintaining security and compliance.


  • Total employees: 1400+

  • Total Revenues of $79.8 million; up 25% Year-over-Year (Q1 2023)

  • 2023 Sales Commission Software market share: 16.58%

  • Global reach: 6 countries (US, Israel, France, India, China, Japan)

  • 881 organizations use sales commission software as of 2023.

  • Global presence and 760+ US consumers.

Rating and Commentary

JFrog has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. With strong backing from prominent investors like Poalim Equity and Spark Capital, the company has gained significant support and financial resources. In its most recent funding round in September 2020, JFrog raised $226.5 million in a Post-IPO Equity round, further fueling its growth trajectory.

As the creator of Artifactory and Bintray, the company has introduced groundbreaking solutions that have revolutionized how developers and DevOps teams store and manage binary code. Despite facing competition from other DevOps platforms like GitHub and Nexus, JFrog remains committed to innovation. By uniting developers, DevOps teams, security experts, and executives across SMBs and enterprises, the company continues to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Furthermore under the leadership of Shlomi Ben Haim, it has successfully navigated the transition from a startup to a publicly-traded company while maintaining a strong market presence. Furthermore, the company’s inclusive and diverse environment fosters growth, creativity, and innovation, positioning it as a leader in the tech market.

Overall, JFrog’s remarkable growth, support from prominent investors, and innovative product offerings demonstrate its strength and success as a trusted brand in the software industry. With a focus on addressing industry challenges, providing end-to-end solutions, and fostering a collaborative ecosystem, JFrog continues to shape the landscape of Continuous Integration and Deployment.

JFrog's Video

Key Executives

Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO

Shlomi Ben Haim leverages his extensive background in building profitable and high-growth information technology companies. Prior to JFrog, Shlomi served as the CEO of AlphaCSP, which was acquired by MalamTeam in 2005. He also holds the rank of Major in the Israeli Air Force and has earned an MS degree from Clark University in Massachusetts, USA, and a BA degree from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Yoav Landman, CTO

Yoav is the driving force behind the creation of Artifactory. With seven years of experience as a senior consultant with AlphaCSP, Yoav has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the industry. He has held senior technical roles with companies like Attunity, Verve, and Sausage. Yoav holds a Master of Computing degree from RMIT University and a BA in Law (LLB) from Haifa University.

Orit Goren, COO

Orit brings a wealth of high-tech industry experience to her role. She has served as the VP of HR for companies like Pontis, SolarEdge, and Voltaire (acquired by Melanox), as well as in HR roles with Intel. Orit holds an MSc. degree from Clark University and a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.

Micheline Nijmeh, CMO

Micheline has over 20 years of technology marketing experience, leading and implementing successful global marketing strategies at high-growth software companies. Prior to joining JFrog, Micheline served as the CMO of Zscaler, a global market leader in cloud security. She designed and oversaw an end-to-end global marketing strategy, from scaling demand to showcasing customer success.

Organizational Insights

JFrog is highly regarded for its positive organizational culture, which is reflected in the feedback from its employees and various industry recognitions. According to Glassdoor, JFrog has a strong rating of 4.2, with 88% of employees recommending the company to others and 92% approving of the CEO. This positive sentiment underscores the favorable work environment and employee experiences at JFrog.

It ranked #9 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019 list, indicating its commitment to creating an exceptional workplace. The company has been recognized as a Great Place to Work by Fortune Magazine on eight separate occasions. Employees appreciate the collaborative and supportive atmosphere, effective leadership, and attractive compensation and benefits packages. Employees enjoy competitive compensation packages, including stock options, and comprehensive healthcare and retirement benefits.

JFrog also emphasizes employee wellness and organizes various social and recreational activities to foster camaraderie among team members. It also provides employees with comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental, vision, retirement, wellness, and much more, and some roles are eligible for discretionary bonuses or commission payments.

The company is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or nationality, ancestry, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, or any other category protected by law.

Board Members

Barry Zwarenstein

He has served on the board since January 2020 and brings extensive financial and executive experience. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Five9, Inc. and has previously held senior roles at SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. and Dealertrack Technologies, Inc.

Jessica Neal

She joined the board in March 2020 and has a strong background in talent management. She has held various executive positions at Netflix, Inc., Scopely, Inc., and Coursera, Inc., contributing her expertise in talent acquisition and people management.

Elisa Steele

Elisa joined the board in March 2020, and has a notable history of executive leadership in software and technology companies. She previously served as CEO of Namely, Inc., and Jive Software, Inc., and held key roles at Microsoft Corporation and Skype. Ms. Steele also serves on the board of directors of Splunk Inc. and is Chairman of the board at Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.


Insight Partner

Insight Partners, a leading private equity firm specializing in growth-stage technology and software companies, emerged as the lead investor in JFrog’s Series D funding round. With their extensive expertise and resources, they actively support and invest in companies that exhibit high growth potential. They foster a culture centered around the core belief that growth creates opportunities, both for the individuals involved and the companies within their portfolio.

Spark Capital

With a focus on early-stage investments in tech companies, Spark Capital is a venture capital firm that participated in JFrog’s Series D funding in 2018 where JFrog raised $165 million. Their support has provided JFrog with capital and expertise, enabling the company to expand its operations, develop innovative products, and strengthen its market position.

Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures is a global investment firm that also backed JFrog during Series D funding in 2018. They specialize in technology investments across various sectors, including software and infrastructure. Their investment has played a crucial role in JFrog’s financial growth and strategic initiatives, helping the company to accelerate its product development, expand its customer base, and seize new market opportunities.

Sapphire Ventures

With a focus on early and growth-stage tech companies, Sapphire, a venture capital firm, supports through its network and resources. They further invested in JFrog during Series D funding in 2018, empowering the company to enhance its technological capabilities, fuel its global expansion, and solidify its position as a leader in the DevOps industry.

Scale Venture Partners

Scale Venture Partners is an investment firm that has invested in JFrog’s Series D funding. They primarily focus on early-stage investments in enterprise software companies, providing capital and expertise to help them grow. Their partnership has provided JFrog with access to capital, resources, and industry connections, enabling the company to scale its operations, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

Key Milestones

  • JFrog received the Global InfoSec Award for 2023 from Cyber Defense Magazine for its comprehensive DevSecOps offering from over 4,300 entries from companies worldwide.

  • In 2023, JFrog extended its DevOps in Greater China, and appointed Dong Renyuan as the General Manager and Country Leader for JFrog China.

  • JFrog welcomed seasoned technology and security leader, Aran Azarzar as the Chief Information Officer on 30th March 2023.

  • In 2022, JFrog Ltd launched JFrog Advanced Security, the world’s first binary-focused DevSecOps solution, providing comprehensive security coverage from any source to any destination.

  • JFrog appointed Vicky (Jia Yu) Chan as Japan’s GM & Country Manager on 1st June 2022.

  • JFrog has been recognised as one of the 2021 Bay Area Best Places to Work by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

  • JFrog introduced the world’s first end-to-end, fully hybrid, universal DevOps platform in 2020, to meet the newer challenges of modern DevOps in a cloud-native world.

  • In September 2020, Jfrog registered its ticker under NASDAQ: FROG, being the first DevOps company to be listed on a public exchange.

News and Press Releases

  • 31 May 2023: JFrog Unveils All-Star Speaker Roster for swampUP 2023 in Silicon Valley (Read)

  • 24 May 2023: According to Total Economic Impact Study, JFrog software supply chain platform delivers 393% ROI (Read)

  • 15 March 2023: New Relic, an all-in-one observability platform for engineers announced an integration with JFrog, giving engineers a single point of access to monitor and keep software development operations running efficiently (Read)

  • 18 October 2022: JFrog Unveils World’s First DevOps-Centric Security Solution to Control the Entire Software Supply Chain (Read)

  • 26 May 2022: JFrog Integrates with ServiceNow to Improve Software Security Vulnerability Response Times with “ServiceOps” (Read)



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Corporate Responsibility

JFrog takes corporate responsibility on priority and has implemented various initiatives to contribute to a sustainable and ethical business environment. It is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, actively promoting energy-efficient practices, waste reduction, and responsible resource management throughout its operations. They further invest in green technologies and support initiatives that aim to address climate change, supporting as many as 12 open-source projects.

The company prioritizes social responsibility by fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace culture while valuing equal opportunity, employee well-being, and personal growth. Moreover, they actively support community engagement and philanthropic activities to make a positive impact beyond their business operations and invest in employee development, training, and well-being programs.

JFrog fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and personal

growth. 50% of independent board members are women, whereas >95% of the employees have completed JFrog’s mandatory data privacy and cyber security training.

They are further dedicated to delivering exceptional value to their customers while ensuring the security and privacy of their data while prioritizing the reliability, performance, and scalability of their software solutions to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

By prioritizing environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical governance, customer success, and employee engagement, JFrog demonstrates its commitment to corporate responsibility and aims to make a positive impact on the broader community.