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Jivox automates personalized commerce marketing in a privacy-first world. Its industry-leading Jivox IQ platform utilizes Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) with AI-powered automation at its core to deliver user-consented omni-channel precision marketing, including retail media marketing. 

Jivox is recognized as a leader in creative advertising technologies and is trusted by enterprise brands across the Fortune 1000 to deliver pioneering campaigns that perform. Customers include Marriott International, P&G, T-Mobile, Williams Sonoma.

The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, operating multiple offices worldwide employing over 200 professionals who work to transform the way brands connect with their audiences. Jivox IQ’s AI-driven automation helps brands to scale creative versioning, simplify the workflows to deliver creative to the right audiences in the right moment across the right channels and continually optimize ROI.

The company has received funding from several key investors, including Brandtech Ventures, and Opus Capital. These investments have allowed Jivox to expand its reach and further develop its technology to provide exceptional personalized digital marketing solutions to its customers.

Key Products

Jivox IQ Enterprise Personalized Commerce Marketing

A full stack for omnichannel personalized commerce marketing powered by Jivox IQ Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Brands have ultimate control and flexibility across the campaign lifecycle to deliver relevant messaging that boosts ROI. Jivox combines flexible creative automation and, critically, combines it with AI-driven decisioning built on first-party data for efficient campaign launches and updates. Dynamic Canvas Studio offers designers complete freedom and flexibility when automating creative production, while the decision graph empowers 1:1 personalization with ease. A single unified workflow for efficient omnichannel delivery and measurement across display banners, video, social, retail media, CTV, dynamic landing pages and more. The platform also features a data clean room that provides real-time analytics and privacy-first attribution for brands to connect the dots for each customer’s journey.

Jivox IQ DaVinci for Commerce Media

The industry’s only personalized commerce marketing platform proven to launch commerce media campaigns in under five minutes. IQ DaVinci helps large retailers and commerce media platforms to scale investment in their retail media networks by bringing together automated creative generation for dynamic product ads, first-party data activation and AI-powered automated performance optimization in campaign templates for easy activation by advertisers across on-site, off-site and in-store placements. Direct advertisers also benefit from a single workflow to activate across multiple commerce media networks with common formats and insights.

The Jivox IQ DCO Platform

The Jivox IQ platform for Dynamic Creative Optimization powers personalized commerce marketing at scale for the world’s largest enterprise brands. Jivox IQ is built for enterprise and designed to integrate into brands’ existing marketing technology stack. Jivox offers a full complement of APIs that allow organizations to operate the platform in a headless mode and integrate with their backend systems. The platform is also pre-integrated with many major systems in the technological ecosystem. Jivox’s security and compliance mechanisms are among the most stringent in the industry, with SAML-based single sign-on for all platform users, SOC 2® Type 2 certification, GDPR TCF 2.0 and CCPA compliance, and a first-party identity graph for utilizing consented user data within the brand’s domain. Jivox helps brands scale with forward-looking capabilities; including cloud-based decisioning and creative rendering, advanced machine learning algorithms, and high-performance analytics, powered by Snowflake technology.

Customer Insights

Using customer reviews on Capterra and G2, Jivox has an average rating of 5 out of 5 and an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 respectively. The overall customer satisfaction is quite positive, indicating that Jivox’s platform is meeting the expectations of its customers.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is an essential factor for customers in adopting any new software or platform. Customers appreciate the user-friendly interface of the platform and find it easy to navigate, but some customers find it challenging to use certain features of the platform.

Customer Support

Customer support is a critical aspect of any software company, and Jivox seems to have a good reputation for customer support. Customers appreciate the responsiveness and expertise of the support team, and they find the support team to be highly professional and knowledgeable.

Features and Functionality

Jivox offers a wide range of features and functionality for personalized advertising, including dynamic creative optimization, audience targeting, and cross-channel delivery. Customers find the platform to be highly customizable, and they appreciate the ability to create personalized ads quickly and easily.

Value for Money

Jivox is a premium platform, and customers expect it to provide value for money. Some customers find Jivox to be expensive compared to other platforms, but they appreciate the ROI that the platform delivers.

Integration and Compatibility

Jivox integrates with a wide range of other platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter. Customers appreciate the seamless integration with other platforms, and they find the platform to be highly compatible with other advertising tools.

Although some customers find Jivox to be expensive compared to other platforms, they appreciate the ROI that the platform delivers. Overall, Jivox seems to be a reliable platform for personalized advertising with excellent customer support.


  • Jivox is pre-integrated with over 25 data partners who provide rich data sets for personalization.

  • Jivox has over 200 employees, including part-time roles, in over 5 countries.

  • The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and was founded in 2007.

  • Jivox has raised a total of $46.4M in funding over 7 rounds.

  • Their latest funding was raised on Apr 18, 2019, from a Series E round.

  • Jivox is funded by 7 investors.

  • Jivox has a post-money valuation in the range of $100M to $500M as of Apr 16, 2019, according to PrivCo.

Ratings and Commentary

Jivox is a dynamic digital marketing platform that has captured the attention of many users and investors in the industry. With a total funding of $46.4M over 7 rounds, Jivox has established itself as a leader in creative advertising technologies. Its most recent investors, Brandtech Ventures and Diaz Nesamoney, have given the company a post-money valuation of $100M to $500M, according to PrivCo.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to provide personalized, user-consented omnichannel precision marketing. Its use of big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), customer journey optimization, and identity technologies allows brands to serve relevant messages in consumers’ purchase-intent micro-moments across all channels. Additionally, Jivox is pre-integrated with over 25 data partners who provide rich data sets for personalization, significantly simplifying workflows and campaign activation.

The key people around the table like Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO, and Naren Nachiappan, the CCO have done an excellent job of positioning the company as a leader in the industry. With its cutting-edge technology and top-tier clients such as Marriott International, Toyota, Sony, and Pepsi, Jivox is poised for continued success. However, competitive threats in the industry must not be ignored, and the company should continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Jivox Video

Key Executives

The key members of Jivox are passionate about creating better experiences for all and are committed to promoting a data-driven culture in businesses.

Diaz Nesamoney, CEO

He has a proven track record of founding successful technology companies that harness the power of data to power enterprise and consumer applications. Diaz was previously the Co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica, which he took from a startup to a publicly traded company in 1999. Before founding Jivox, he founded Celequest, a business intelligence and analytics company, which was acquired by Cognos/IBM. Diaz holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India and is the author of the first book on using data and technology to personalize digital advertising.

Naren Nachiappan, CCO

Naren is responsible for leading a global organization in customer acquisition and retention. He is also responsible for developing and owning key operational metrics, including customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability. Naren has a wealth of experience in the technology industry, having served as Vice President and General Manager at Wind River, CEO of Proceler, and Senior VP at VenturCom. Naren holds an MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and graduated cum laude from Harvard University.

Leo Yen, CFO

Leo is responsible for directing the company’s financial operations. He has extensive experience in international tax structuring and planning, fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, and regulatory and statutory law compliance. Leo has served as CFO for a publicly-traded U.S. company based in Silicon Valley and held senior positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. Leo is a CPA in the state of California and holds two bachelor’s degrees from California State Polytechnic University.

Jeff Taylor, Chief Architect

Jeff is providing technical oversight for all product and engineering initiatives. He has a wealth of experience in creating large-scale systems, particularly in data and video processing. Jeff was previously a software architect at Informatica, where he led multiple key product releases and held patents related to metadata and metadata deployment. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

Organizational Insights

The company’s culture values innovation, integrity, work-life balance, and employee recognition.

Organizational Culture

Jivox’s vision is to empower brands to engage consumers in a personalized and relevant way. This vision is reflected in the company’s culture, which focuses on innovation, integrity, and work-life balance. Jivox is committed to developing cutting-edge technology while ensuring that the needs of its customers and employees are met. The company values honesty and treats everyone equitably, taking pride in keeping its commitments.

People and Culture

Jivox’s culture is centered on supporting and recognizing its employees’ contributions. The company values work-life balance and encourages its employees to have fun along the way. Jivox provides its employees with a range of benefits, including comprehensive health benefits, retirement savings plans, HSA & FSA Plans, flexible PTO, and travel rewards. The company also offers paid volunteer opportunities through its Jivox Cares program, which demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility.


Innovation is a core value at Jivox. The company is a market leader in developing cutting-edge technology while focusing on the needs of its customers and employees. This commitment to innovation is reflected in Jivox’s workplace culture, which encourages its employees to think creatively and experiment with new ideas. The company provides its employees with opportunities for professional development, including learning and development programs.

Workplace Perks

Jivox offers its employees a range of workplace perks, including comprehensive health benefits, retirement savings plans, and flexible PTO. The company also offers an employee stock purchase plan, a commuter program, and marketplace discounts through its commerce hub. Jivox recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers its employees the flexibility to manage their work and personal lives.


Integrity is a core value at Jivox. The company values honesty, treats everyone equitably, and takes pride in keeping its commitments. Jivox is committed to being an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer, and it does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability status, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law. The company also provides its employees with legal assistance and employee assistance programs, demonstrating its commitment to supporting its employees.

In conclusion, the company’s commitment to social responsibility and equal employment opportunity reflects its values of integrity and equity.

Board Members

Diaz Nesamoney, the Founder, President, and CEO of Jivox, is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who has founded three successful technology companies, all focused on harnessing the power of data to power enterprise and consumer applications. He was also previously the Co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica, which he took from a startup to a publicly traded company in 1999. Diaz holds a Masters’s degree in Computer Science and is the holder of seven technology patents. He is also the author of the first book on using data and technology to personalize digital advertising.

John Squires, the Chief Executive Officer of Akademos, was appointed CEO in April 2011. Akademos offers a turnkey virtual bookstore and marketplace for small and mid-sized schools. John was previously the founder of Next Issue Media, a digital publishing consortium joined by Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation, and Time Inc. Prior to that, he served as the executive vice president at Time Inc., where he was responsible for leading digital operations and overseeing Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Money and Golf magazines. John holds a BA degree from the University of Washington.

Robert Chatwani, President & General Manager, Growth, DocuSign, leads DocuSign’s newly created Marketing & Growth organization to scale its digital strategy across marketing, product, technology and sales. Robert most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Atlassian, a SaaS industry leader and pioneer in product led growth. He oversaw teams across marketing, brand, communications and data science, and worked with the product organization to help scale Atlassian’s business to nearly $3B in revenue. Prior to Atlassian, Robert served as Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer for social e-commerce platform Spring. He also spent more than a decade at eBay, ending his tenure as CMO of North America where his teams supported $35 billion in annual trading volume.


Brandtech Group

the Brandtech Group, is a marketing technology group that helps brands do their marketing better, faster, and cheaper using the latest technology. The group was founded in 2015 by David Jones, the former global CEO of advertising conglomerate Havas. Brandtech led Jivox’s latest funding round in 2019. The Brandtech Group has joined Jivox’s board of directors, and its senior management team will play an active role in guiding the company’s growth.

Diaz Nesamoney

Diaz Nesamoney is the Founder, President, and CEO of Jivox. He is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who has founded three successful technology companies, all focused on harnessing the power of data to power enterprise and consumer applications. Diaz participated in Jivox’s latest funding round of $9 million in 2019, along with existing investors Fortisure Ventures and You & Mr Jones.

Fortisure Ventures

Fortisure Ventures is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that led Jivox’s Series C funding round of $5.8 million in 2015. The firm was founded by Mani Subramanian and his family, who started Fortisure Ventures to support promising opportunities in the technology business. The Subramanian family also wanted to serve communities and help other causes, which brought Mani to Akron/Canton, OH in 2012.

Opus Capital

Opus Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage technology companies. The firm has made follow-on investments of roughly $4 million into Jivox, with operational hubs in San Mateo, California, and Bangalore. With this, Jivox has now raised $15 million in two rounds with seed investments by two promoters rolled into it. Opus Capital works to accelerate growth for its portfolio companies by facilitating key relationships, providing access to critical resources, and giving counsel on strategy, finance, and operations.

Key Milestones

  • 2024: Jivox Announces IQ DaVinci For Direct Advertising: A Single Workflow To Launch Campaigns On Multiple Retail Media Networks In Under 5 Minutes

  • 2023: Jivox Introduces AI-Powered Creative And Media Analytics With Real-Time LiveBoards: the breakthrough enhancements to IQ Blaze Analytics, Powered by Snowflake. 

  • 2023: Jivox Unveils IQ DaVinci: Scales Giant Eagle’s Retail Media For Advertisers: A new product for commerce media set to spark a renaissance in the commerce media market. Giant Eagle’s newly formed retail media platform, Leap Media Group (Leap), is among a select group using IQ DaVinci to launch new or scale existing offerings.

  • 2023: Jivox Unveils An Industry-First ROISimulator For Dynamic Creative Optimization: Jivox introduced an innovative predictive model offering global brands forecasted returns for automated DCO deployment.

  • 2022: Jivox Named a Top 100 Software Company of 2022 for Outstanding Personalized Commerce Marketing: Jivox was recognized as one of the top 100 software companies of 2022 by The Software Report (TSR).

  • 2022: Shoppable Partners with Jivox to Provide 1-Click Commerce Experience and Conversion Data to Global Brands: Jivox partnered with Shoppable® to offer a comprehensive personalized commerce marketing solution.

  • 2022: Jivox Named One of the Top 25 Data Software Companies for 2022: Jivox was named one of the Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022 by The Software Report.

  • 2022: Jivox also added 10 of the F100 brands to its customer base, becoming the first among SaaS personalized DCO companies to achieve this milestone.

  • 2022: Jivox Names Former Google, Facebook Sales Executive, Michael Duff, Senior Vice President of Global Sales

  • 2022: Jivox Announces Personalized Commerce Marketing Upgrade To Boost Digital Commerce And Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Sales

News and Press Releases

  • February 8, 2022 – Jivox Achieves 43% Growth in Annualized Recurring Revenue; First Among SaaS Personalized DCO Companies To Add 10 Of The F100 Brands To Its Stellar Customer Base (Read)

  • JANUARY 19, 2022: Understanding the Newest Developments Impacting Marketing Personalization Efforts (Read)

  • Sep 9, 2021- Three Ways To Reinvent Marketing As An Individualized Human Experience (Read)



Celtra offers creative automation solutions that enable businesses to enhance the efficiency, speed, and quality of digital advertising production. Their cloud-based software caters to scaling digital advertising content, performance creative, and ad suite building. Celtra boasts an impressive client list, including renowned brands like Adidas, Spotify, NBCU, WarnerMedia, Unilever, and GoPro. Jivox can consider Celtra a strong competitor in terms of creative automation technology and attracting prominent clients.


Smartly.io is a leading SaaS digital advertising platform managing a substantial ad spend and serving 700+ brands globally. Their end-to-end technology focuses on driving profitable growth across various media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google. Smartly.io offers campaign automation, creative engagement, and real-time insights for maximizing ROI. With clients like Walmart, FanDuel, L’Oreal, Warner Bros. Discovery, Nestle, and Disney/ESPN, Smartly.io presents tough competition for Jivox in terms of ad management and platform reach.


AdCreative.ai is an AI platform that generates high-performing ad creatives within seconds. Their AI-generated creatives come with a performance score, indicating the probability of success in ad campaigns. AdCreative.ai also offers a text generator for ad copies and headlines, along with creative insights based on real-time feedback from connected Google Ads and Facebook ad accounts. Jivox might face competition from AdCreative.ai in terms of AI-generated creatives and real-time performance analysis.

Jivox faces strong competition from Celtra, Smartly.io and AdCreative.ai in various aspects of digital advertising, creative automation, project management, and digital asset management.

Corporate Responsibility

Jivox, a global company, demonstrates a strong commitment to corporate responsibility by encouraging employee engagement in charitable initiatives. Their annual contest allows employees to showcase their personal support for charitable causes, with the top three causes receiving a generous donation of $1000 each from Jivox. This initiative not only benefits society but also fosters a sense of community and understanding among employees.

One of the selected causes is Wednesday’s Gift, an all-volunteer organization that promptly provides essential life necessities to residents of Marin County and San Francisco County. Employees from Jivox have been actively involved with this registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for over 10 years. Together with a group of volunteers, they organize the creation of care packages on the nights before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. These packages contain toiletries, such as soap, shampoos, conditioners, and socks, among other items.

Another Jivox employee, supports Eco Matcher, an organization that addresses the climate crisis across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Jivox firmly believes in actively participating in environmental efforts to combat climate change and ecological degradation. Eco Matcher allows individuals and companies to pay for tree planting and provides visual updates on the trees, the farmers involved, and their locations. Employees at Jivox believe that this initiative provides a virtual opportunity for Jivox employees worldwide to engage in a positive environmental cause. 

Employees at Jivox are also dedicated to improving education through support for Janpad Prathmik Sala in Chattisgarh, India. They have actively engaged in several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives with various groups in the past. Recognizing the importance of education in transforming society, they aim to make a difference in government schools in rural areas. 

By supporting these three causes, Jivox demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it operates in. The company’s corporate responsibility initiative not only provides financial support to worthy organizations but also encourages employee involvement in meaningful causes. Jivox aims to create a better society by supporting charitable initiatives focused on providing basic necessities to the less fortunate, combating climate change, and improving education. These donations made by Jivox will undoubtedly contribute to the positive transformation of local communities and the causes they serve.