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Profile is building the world’s best WebOps Platform. Their mission is to make the web a first-class platform that delivers results. They’re building the world’s best WebOps (Website Operations) Platform— one that empowers marketing and development teams to take control of their websites, while giving them the agility to win in the dynamic world of digital marketing. With Pantheon, marketers and developers deliver results by iterating quickly, learning, and experimenting with their websites in the same way they do with virtually every other tool in their martech and development stacks. Pantheon powers over 300,000 sites and is trusted by thousands of marketing and development teams around the world. We’re just getting started.


Key Products

High-Performance Hosting

Build best-in-class WordPress and Drupal sites with scalable infrastructure and a lightning-fast content delivery network.

Automate Security with Pantheon’s Autopilot

Automate finding, testing, and applying WordPress and Drupal updates. Reallocate resources from the tedious task of running updates towards more strategic business initiatives.

Serverless CMS

Create rich, innovative digital experiences that scale seamlessly.

Decoupled Architectures on Pantheon with Front-End Sites

Level up user experience, resilience, and results with front-end frameworks and a headless open source CMS on a single platform

Structured Agile Workflows

Empower cross-functional team collaboration to innovate and deliver faster with confidence.

Website Portfolio Management

Build, manage and scale your websites across all of your domains and brands.

Key Executives

Zack Rosen, Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon, Zack Rosen leads the mission, strategy, and long-term vision of the company and the continued improvement and evolution of the product into an agile digital experience platform for enterprises. Zack pioneered the first large-scale Drupal website for the Howard Dean campaign in 2003, which helped revolutionize the business model of politics from offline to the Internet.

Josh Koenig, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

As Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Josh is focused on making the Open Web a first class platform for delivering results. Championing the value of the developer experience, and the need to demonstrate impact with data, his work combines the visionary ideals of Open Source with the pragmatic utility of the agile approach. In 2021, Josh was recognized as a Top 25 Software Products Executive by The Software Report.

As a very early Drupal adopter (user #3313), Josh was part of the team that drove the first high-profile public Drupal use-case with the Howard Dean campaign in 2003. He went on to found the Drupal Dojo, an online learning community for developers, and to co-found the premiere Drupal agency in San Francisco, Chapter Three.

The web is the cornerstone of modern campaigns, causes, businesses and brands, and the demand for quick, quality digital experiences is high and only getting higher. At Pantheon, Josh’s mission is to liberate web teams from the confines of enterprise monoliths and the drudgery of infrastructure operations so they focus on their real strategic goals using the highest-quality tools of the trade.

David Strauss, Co-Founder & CTO

Website builders walk a tightrope between triumph and defeat. The best days promise opportunity, but an inability to scale can squander it. The worst days feature attackers trying to overwhelm or compromise infrastructure. Pantheon Cofounder and CTO David Strauss has focused his career on these twin challenges: making content sites more scalable and secure—without complicating the developer experience.

If you’ve ever deployed an enterprise website, chances are you’ve benefited from one of the tools he’s developed. After co-founding Four Kitchens, a successful web development shop, David found himself gravitating away from custom client work and toward infrastructure solutions. Large clients like NBCUniversal, The Economist, and Wikimedia had already benefited from his scalability and database optimization work.

Now he wanted to use this expertise to improve websites for everyone. When the opportunity to build an all-in-one website platform came along, he knew he needed to be a part of it. In addition to his role as Pantheon CTO, David also co-maintains the system layer that runs on most of the world’s Linux systems, protects Drupal’s integrity via the Security Team, co-organizes the annual All Systems Go! Conference, and contributes to AMP as a member of the Technical Steering Committee.

In the past, David served on the Drupal Advisory Board, the Infrastructure Team, the Fedora Server Working Group (which substantially shaped Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7), and as a maintainer for BCFG2 (a systems management tool popular in academic supercomputing). In addition to the previously named projects, David has contributed to WordPress, curl, Jenkins, Twisted Python, and numerous other free, open-source projects.

Matthew Cheney, Co-Founder & Principal Developer Advocate

The creation, dissemination and consumption of information is one of the world’s most important processes. A formally trained librarian and traveler to over 125 countries, Matt Cheney has seen first-hand the global importance of this flow of information and the critical role that open-source technology can play in enabling that flow.

For more than ten years, Matt has been active in the open source community, helping organize events that empower developers (BADCamp, Drupalcon SF), contributing code to the Drupal project that modernizes the end user experience (Panels, Panopoly), and co-founding a website consulting company that works directly with clients to share their information with the world (Chapter Three).

He co-founded Pantheon to make freely available development and hosting tools which makes it easier for everyone to launch and run websites. Technology should be an enabler — not a barrier — and Matt’s hope is that Pantheon can make the web better for everyone.

Christy Marble, Chief Marketing Officer

As head of marketing, Christy Marble is focused on leading growth by bringing Pantheon to people who are inspired to harness the values of the open web to make an impact on the world. Her team leads the go-to-market programs that bring the company vision to life and delight customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Christy is a global SaaS growth marketing expert. In her 20 years as a marketing executive, she has overseen successful digital, martech, and go-to-market transformations; product, e-commerce, and partner launches; acquisitions and integrations; successful rebranding; market expansion; and multi-billion-dollar brand and portfolio growth. As CMO of SAP Concur, Christy’s B2B marketing teams led rapid channel, vertical, and international market expansion, growing the pipeline from $200M to beyond $1 billion. As CMO of Visier and as B2B marketing executive at Vertafore, E-centives, and Claritas, she oversaw successful SaaS product commercialization, corporate brand launches, customer segmentation and digital marketing programs for clients including Charles Schwab, Farmers Insurance, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser, and Gerber. As head of consumer marketing at student lender, Sallie Mae, she oversaw the launch and growth of the company’s $1 billion consumer brand.

Christy is a Global Advisory Board Member of the Sales & Marketing Strategy Institute (SAMS) and has completed the Chief Marketing Officer Executive Education Program at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and the UW Foster School of Business, Women Board Directors Development Program. She holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a Bachelor of Arts from Pepperdine University.

Darin Wolter, Chief Revenue Officer

Darin Wolter oversees worldwide sales with a focus on creating long-term, impactful relationships with Pantheon’s customers and partners. While overseeing global revenue growth and retention initiatives, his role ensures that we continue to provide exceptional experiences, maximize value to our customers and that our sales approach evolves as Pantheon grows.

Wolter has over 20 years sales leadership experience introducing disruptive technologies across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Media, and Marketing SaaS solutions. Prior to joining Pantheon, Darin created and lead global sales teams at: Sysomos (acquired by Meltwater), Marketwired (acquired by NASDAQ) and Streetfusion (acquired by CCBN).

Darin holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Miami of Ohio University.

Mark Khavkin, Chief Financial Officer

Mark runs Pantheon’s Finance team. The team focuses on making sure Pantheon’s vision is translated into a successful business model. This entails developing strategy, efficiently allocating resources to support the strategy, and ensuring cross-departmental alignment in execution.

Mark’s experience spans from working as a private equity investor to leading corporate development, FP&A, and Investor Relations teams. His diverse background includes working in the US and in Europe for multi-billion industry leaders (eBay), fast growing pre-IPO companies (Upwork), and startups.

Mark firmly believes finance is more than numbers; it’s about the stories that the numbers tell and the decisions they lead to. His goal is to build the finance team that will enable Pantheon to grow, scale, and meet its customers’ evolving needs.

Christine Park, Chief People Officer

Christine Park is leading the evolution of Pantheon’s people organization, building on the company’s momentum with her proven ability to identify the ‘people implications’ of business strategies, and enabling the alignment of talent toward Pantheon’s business objectives.

Christine’s expertise is in steering industry-leading public and private technology organizations through monumental growth and change. She is a veteran Chief People Officer in the MarTech SaaS space, having created exceptional employee experiences for more than 2,000+ staff across 30+ countries at Sitecore. Prior, during her tenure at TriNet she transformed their team of several hundred into a globally distributed powerhouse of more than 3,000 employees.

Christine is working to scale Pantheon’s international presence through collaboration with leadership, and a focus on building the strategies, teams, and processes needed to drive sustainable, global growth. She consistently works with her team and fellow leaders to create and foster an engaging culture that connects the hearts and minds of all colleagues. Christine knows that HR isn’t just ‘one size fits all’ and that true transformation on an organizational level requires adaptability, empathy, and strategy. Her goal is to transform the work lives of employees by bringing out the leader within, one interaction at a time.

Meredith Brown, Chief Product Officer

Meredith Brown is the Chief Product Officer for Pantheon, where she is responsible for Pantheon’s product vision, strategy and design. Meredith focuses on empowering marketing and development teams to take control of their websites, while giving them the agility to win in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Prior to her current role at Pantheon, Meredith was the SVP & GM of Salesforce Pardot, leading the business and helping to catapult the product to be a market-leading B2B Marketing Automation platform.

Customer Insights

“This is the new way to build and manage websites. The workflow, the speed, the simplicity – it all just works.” – Chris Staton , Head Of Creative


“Before Pantheon, keeping our site secure and up to date was so taxing that it was impossible to make a lot of progress. Pantheon enables us to spend more time on creative development.” – Chris Wu , Senior Web Developer At Okinawa Institute Of Science & Technology


“Pantheon came highly recommended as the best solution for both Drupal and WordPress, and it’s performed flawlessly.” – Konstantin Kostadinov , Senior It Manager, Oceana


“Pantheon helps keep our agency connected to our clients for the long term, making it easier to iterate weekly and measure our impact.” – Shaun Tyndall , Founder & Director, Inclind


“We’re delighted to support the availability of Pantheon’s WebOps platform at a global scale on Google Cloud, to make deployment very simple with Google Cloud Marketplace, and to ensure that developers have access to cloud capabilities that can power these next-generation experiences for consumers online.” – Nirav Sheth , Director, ISV And Partner Sales, Google


“Pantheon eliminated my whole Rackspace bill! I am out of the server management business.” – John Studdard , Co-Founder, Achieve Agency


“Pantheon’s managed distribution tools are unbelievable. Without Pantheon, we’d need to do another 100 hours of custom development operations. There’s nothing else on the market like it, period.” – Lev Tsypin , Ceo, Thinkshout


“Not only do we get a lightning-fast response, but we get actual help and resolution.” – Jason Schaffer , CEO, Blue Coda