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Reltio is a cloud-native, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data platform that specializes in consolidating and managing complex data from multiple sources to create a single, reliable source of information. The company aims to provide businesses with trusted data that empowers decision-making and drives success. By offering insight-ready data, Reltio believes it can act as a catalyst for achieving remarkable outcomes.

Manish Sood, the CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Reltio, recognized that traditional master data management solutions fell short in addressing the evolving data challenges faced by today’s businesses. He envisioned a solution that could unlock the immense potential of data by unifying diverse data sources, transforming them into real-time experiences, and powerful insights, and fostering unlimited innovation.

Reltio serves some of the most innovative Global 2000 enterprises by connecting their data across various sources. The company’s investors include NewView Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Crosslink Capital, 406 Ventures, and Brighton Park Capital. Reltio has been recognized as an INC. 5000 company for five consecutive years, showcasing its impressive revenue growth of 138%

Founded in 2011, Reltio has grown to have over 400 employees globally. The company’s headquarters is located in Redwood Shores, with additional offices in Portugal and India. Reltio serves a diverse range of customers across 140 countries, spanning multiple industries.

Recognizing the importance of high-quality data in driving business value, Reltio aims to overcome the challenges associated with improving data quality, which often appears daunting and time-consuming. The company seeks to democratize data access, placing the power of data in the hands of individuals, enabling them to maximize their impact on a daily basis. Reltio achieves this by bringing together a network of experts, including systems integrators, technology vendors, data providers, consultants, and implementation specialists. This partner ecosystem helps facilitate smooth implementation and accelerates the positive impact of data integration.

Key Products

Reltio Enterprise 360

As a multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solution, Reltio Enterprise 360 allows organizations to bring together data from internal systems, external sources, and third-party providers. This comprehensive approach ensures that all relevant data is consolidated and accessible in one place, facilitating better decision-making and enabling a holistic view of the business. Reltio Enterprise 360 operates within a fully connected and full-stack environment, offering a complete suite of tools and capabilities for managing data. By leveraging this platform, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies and costly errors that often arise from inconsistent or unreliable data.

Connected Customer 360

Connected Customer 360 is Reltio’s cloud-native, SaaS MDM solution that unifies complex, multisource data into a single, real-time information source. It offers depth and flexibility, allowing organizations to build a high-quality data repository from structured and unstructured sources, including relationships, transactions, interactions, and social channels. With enhanced agility and actionable insights, businesses can drive superior customer experiences and informed decision-making.

Identity 360

Identity 360, offered by Reltio, enables improved connections and greater achievements. By unifying internal and external person data, Reltio Identity 360 creates comprehensive profiles of individuals. This results in a more complete understanding of consumers, facilitating richer and safer connections across all touchpoints. Organizations can deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across various channels by leveraging the power of a unified profile.

Other solutions offered by Reltio include Connected Data Platform Overview and an Integration Hub.

Customer insights

Reltio’s customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the company’s offerings and services. The customers have been particularly interested in Reltio’s flexible integration offerings, including their API-first approach, connectors, and the Integration Hub. They have found Reltio’s low-code/no-code capabilities to be extremely beneficial, as it allows for easy development and fast deployment without the need for additional resources or extensive training.

By choosing the Reltio Integration Hub, customers have been able to avoid the costs and time associated with acquiring alternative integration platforms and hiring and training developers and consultants for custom integrations. This has enabled them to leverage their existing resources and skills efficiently, resulting in increased efficiencies and cost savings.

One major advantage highlighted by Reltio’s customers is the improvement in data accuracy and the ability to resolve customer issues faster. The elimination of manual, paper-based processes has enabled client-facing teams to serve more clients in less time. Field service teams have also experienced a reduction in workload due to the removal of batch processing delays and manual data entry between CRM and legacy MDM systems.

Customers have shared positive feedback regarding the Reltio platform’s ability to provide data quality in real-time across all connected systems. This has not only enhanced their business operations but has also positively impacted customer experience, efficiency, and revenue growth.

Another notable benefit reported by customers is the reduced time IT teams spend supporting customer service representatives and other business users. This allows IT departments to focus on value-added activities, further improving overall productivity.

The user-friendly interface of Reltio’s MDM solution has made it more accessible and easier to use for business users, increasing its value across various organizations.

Overall, Reltio’s integration offerings have been instrumental in streamlining processes, improving data quality, enhancing customer service, and driving business growth for its customers.


Customer Quotes


“We simplified the data model considerably over what we had with our legacy MDM, which has improved the quality of our data pipeline. There’s no need for us to do as much production support, troubleshooting, and triaging.” – Matthew Cook, Director, Enterprise Data Services, Empire Life


“Now that we have a multidomain master data management (MDM) platform which delivers data in real time, at scale, we’re able to provide connected customer experiences across all touchpoints.” – Gautam Puranik, Chief Data Officer & Head of Business Analytics and Strategy, CarMax


“Master data management is a critical capability for organizations. Reltio Identity 360 will enable organizations to experience the benefits of master data management for free. Identity 360 provides an easy path to cloud-native, multi-domain master data management for Customer 360 and Enterprise 360 as those use cases arise.” – Dave Menninger, SVP & Research Director of Data and Analytics Research, Ventana Research


“Providing a connected experience for our customers is paramount. Our goal is to leverage customer intelligence across the organization – from the customer-facing team to digital channels to back office processes – in order to deliver a unified and streamlined customer experience. We had to think beyond traditional master data management to understand customers’ transactions and interactions. By implementing Reltio’s cloud-native Connected Customer 360 platform, we are looking to drive delightful customer experiences, resulting in customer growth, operational efficiency, and reduced risk.” – Gotham Pasupuleti, Vice President of Customer Data Delivery, Fulton Bank, N.A.


  • Number of employees: 450+

  • Number of countries where Reltio is used: 140+

  • Number of investors: 7

  • Development across the country: 40+

  • Raised $237 million in funding over 5 rounds

  • Trusted by 29 Fortune 500 companies, including Loreal, Petco, and Kohler

Rating and Commentary

Reltio, led by CEO and founder Manish Sood, is a trailblazing company in the field of data management. Under Sood’s visionary leadership, Reltio has grown from its founding in 2011 to become a global company with over 400 employees.

With a strong investor backing, including prominent investors such as Brighton Park Capital and New Enterprise Associates, Reltio has solid support for its growth and development. As a result, the company continues to strive ahead, pushing the boundaries of data management and delivering innovative solutions that empower organizations to leverage their data for success.

Reltio remains at the forefront of the industry, outpacing competitors like Actifio and Informatica.

The company’s dedication to innovation is evident through its commitment to releasing new products and offerings each year. This strategy ensures that Reltio stays up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies, enabling them to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

With visionary leadership, strong investor backing, and a commitment to innovation, Reltio has experienced remarkable growth and remains at the forefront of the industry. As the company continues to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions, it solidifies its position as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of its data for success.

Reltio's Video

Key Executives

Manish Sood, CEO

Recognizing the transformative power of data, Manish founded Reltio in 2011 to help organizations unlock their value and achieve business outcomes.  He is currently the chairman and CEO of Reltio and under his leadership, Reltio has grown to a thriving company, valued at $1.7 billion with over $100 million in annual revenue. Manish’s strategic direction has positioned Reltio as a market leader in the industry. His passion for innovation and ability to anticipate industry trends have enabled Reltio to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to leverage their data effectively.

Gordon C. (Gordy) Brooks, CFO

Gordy is responsible for managing various key functions including global accounting, finance, tax, IT, Information Security, and operations. Prior to joining Reltio, Gordy held the position of CFO at FinancialForce. With over twenty years of experience in senior financial leadership roles, Gordy has a strong background in notable companies including Citrix GetGo, Aerohive Networks, and Blue Coat Systems. With his extensive expertise in financial management and deep industry knowledge, Gordy brings valuable insights to Reltio’s financial operations, contributing to the company’s overall success.

Eric Cross, CRO

Eric assumes the crucial responsibility of driving and expanding global revenue operations. His primary focus lies in leading and scaling the company’s revenue-generation initiatives on a global scale. In this capacity, Eric collaborates strategically with various organizational functions such as finance, marketing, operations, and others to ensure the alignment of all revenue-related activities. With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles, Eric possesses extensive expertise in leading and scaling high-growth organizations.

Steve Debenham, CLO

Steve Debenham assumes the responsibility of overseeing the company’s legal, governance, and compliance functions on a global scale. With his expertise, Steve ensures that Reltio operates within legal and regulatory frameworks. With his extensive experience in legal and governance matters within the technology sector, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to Reltio. His leadership and expertise play a critical role in ensuring the company’s compliance with legal requirements and maintaining strong governance practices.

Organizational Insights

Reltio has a 3.9 rating on Glassdoor, with 76% of employees recommending the company to their friends and 77% approving of the CEO. Employees have expressed their admiration for Manish Sood, the CEO and Founder of Reltio, describing him as inspiring, incredibly knowledgeable, transparent in his communication, and a great leader. They appreciate his deep involvement in the business and his ability to foresee industry trends.

The management team is regarded as effective, and the overall supportive people culture and friendly environment contribute to a positive work-life balance.Despite the numerous changes, the outlook for all areas of the company remains strong. Employees enjoy working at Reltio as they feel their contributions make a significant impact. The company is described as incredible, with an amazing CEO and unbelievable growth.

The remote and flexible work environment, along with a leadership team that cares, provides autonomy and opportunities for growth. The inclusion of unlimited PTO and stock options for all employees further enhances the positive perception of working at Reltio.

Board Members

Carla Statford

Carla Statford is a seasoned professional, has a proven track record of scaling business operations and driving software revenue at global technology companies like AWS, Oracle, and RealNetworks. After retiring from her role at AWS, where she led the Americas Sales organization and the Global & Strategic Accounts team, Carla joined the Reltio Board of Directors in October 2021. Her wealth of experience and expertise in supporting Fortune 200 companies through periods of rapid growth and expansion make her a valuable addition to Reltio’s board, contributing to the company’s strategic decision-making and future growth.

Mike Gregoire

Mike Gregoire is a Co-founder and Partner at Brighton Park Capital. Before joining BPC, he held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at CA Technologies. Additionally, Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors of Advanced Micro Devices, where he is a member of the audit and governance committees. Mike is highly regarded for his strategic thinking and expertise in the information technology industry.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith, a former CFO at Segment, joins Reltio with a diverse background encompassing global financial, legal, and technology operating experience. With Reltio’s growth and scalability in mind, Sandy’s unique skill set positions her as a valuable addition to the company. Currently serving on multiple boards of directors, Sandy has also held significant financial leadership roles within the technology industry, including her role as CFO at Segment. Her expertise in financial management and technology operations will contribute to Reltio’s continued success and expansion.

Tom Bogan

Tom Bogan, a seasoned executive, joins Reltio with a wealth of leadership experience. He most recently served as Vice Chairman at Workday, Inc., a prominent enterprise cloud applications provider for finance and human resources. Tom’s impressive career also includes his role as CEO of Adaptive Insights, where he successfully negotiated the company’s sale to Workday in 2018. The cash deal amounted to an impressive value of $1.55 billion. With his extensive experience in the technology industry and strategic business dealings, Tom’s expertise will be invaluable as Reltio continues to grow and thrive.


Brighton Park Capital

Brighton Park Capital is a specialized investment firm that focuses on software, information services, and technology-enabled services. With a deep understanding of these industries, Brighton Park Capital provides strategic investments and support to companies operating within these sectors. Brighton Park Capital has made a total of 19 investments, with 18 of them being lead investments in various companies. Some notable companies in which Brighton Park Capital has taken a lead investment role include Reltio, Impartner, and DataVisor

New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a renowned global venture capital firm specializing in investments in the technology and healthcare sectors. With a remarkable track record, NEA has made a total of 2,121 investments, out of which an impressive 741 are lead investments. Their extensive portfolio includes successful lead investments in various thriving companies such as Strive Health, Sana, and Kindred. The fact that NEA is a lead investor in Reltio further strengthens the promising trajectory of the company.

Sapphire Ventures

Sapphire Ventures is a venture capital firm that collaborates with visionary teams and venture funds to foster the growth of companies. With an impressive portfolio, Sapphire Ventures has made a total of 328 investments, out of which 115 are lead investments. Notably, they are one of the lead investors of Reltio, highlighting their belief in the company’s potential. To support their investment activities, Sapphire Ventures has raised a substantial sum of $9 billion across 14 funds.

Key Milestones

  • In its 2023, Reltio introduced advanced velocity packs, allowing customers to speed up operations. Example: The healthcare velocity pack offers new features, providing a comprehensive view of patients, consumers, practitioners, members, and network providers in the healthcare system.

  • The newly launched Reltio Databricks Delta Lake Connector (2023) simplifies transferring data from Reltio to Databricks Delta Lake. It seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, improves data visualization, and enables self-service reporting, empowering stakeholders with more flexibility in exploring data.

  • Reltio Recognized among Notable MDM Vendors in The Master Data Management Landscape by an Independent Research Firm (February 2, 2023)

  • Reltio was recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ 2021 report for Master Data Management (MDM), highlighted as a one-stop-shop for MDM deployment with advanced capabilities.

  • Reltio has been included in Inc. Magazine’s annual list of America’s fastest-growing private companies (2021)

  • Reltio has achieved the honor of winning the Ventana Research Digital Innovation Award for two consecutive years (2021)

  • Reltio has raised a total of $237 million in funding over five rounds, with their latest funding coming from a Series E round on November 4, 2021.

News and Press Releases

  • May 23, 2023: Reltio Unveils Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Financial Services and Insurance Organizations to Speed Digital Transformation Initiatives (Read)

  • February 23, 2023: Reltio Introduces Offerings to Accelerate Time-To-Value and Speed Data-Driven Innovation for Life Sciences and Healthcare Markets (Read)

  • February 23, 2023: How Reltio is using AI/ML to accelerate master data management (MDM) velocity (Read)

  • October 27, 2022: Reltio Expands Global Footprint, Opens New Office in Lisbon, Portugal (Read)

  • October 11, 2022: Reltio Enhances Partnership with Google Cloud to Consolidate, Cleanse and Enrich Data in Real-Time (Read)



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Informatica is a renowned company specializing in enterprise data integration and management software solutions. Their comprehensive range of offerings includes data monitoring, ERP transformation, compliance reporting, business process automation, and cloud services. Informatica serves a diverse set of industries, including education, finance, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and many others.


Talend is a company that develops a platform for data integration and management. Their offerings include data inventory, preparation, stewardship, catalog, governance, API services, and data quality solutions. Talend serves industries such as government, financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. Notably, Silver Lake and Sumeru Equity Partners are recent investors in the company.


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Corporate Responsibility

Reltio aims to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, promoting equal opportunities and an inclusive culture. Further, Reltio is committed to reducing its environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting energy efficiency.

They have implemented a CSR initiative in the form of the Reltio Community, a platform designed to foster connections among professionals in the Master Data Management (MDM) industry. This initiative facilitates discussions, event postings, and access to content through their blog, aiming to support and engage with MDM peers and professionals.

Reltio places a strong emphasis on safeguarding customer data. Reltio’s Information Security team collaborates with Human Resources to educate and guide staff members. Reltio reinforces its commitment to security by conducting annual audits of its security controls through a third-party firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). These audits demonstrate Reltio’s implementation of robust controls to secure customer data and its ongoing efforts to enhance security practices by incorporating valuable input from trusted third parties and adhering to industry best practices.

The company upholds high ethical standards in all aspects of its business operations, including compliance with laws and regulations, data privacy, and security.