Sumo Logic
Data Analysis
Redwood City, CA


Overall Rank: 168
Category: Data Management & Analytics
Category Rank: 38


  • Top Software Company of 2020
  • Power 500 Software Company


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As organizations continue to rely on external applications, there arises the importance of instant analysis and immediate response. Enter Sumo Logic, an enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform that collects, manages, and analyzes a company’s log data. In order to prevent failures of “mission-critical” applications and services, entire IT infrastructures can be monitored from anywhere. Sumo Logic’s tools are powered by machine-learning analytics, identifying and predicting anomalies before they create a crisis. Sumo Logic can also enrich business intelligence by making data easier to see and understand. Armed with better knowledge of customer engagement, businesses can adapt quickly and improve services to identify and attract new clients.

One of the most powerful machine data analytic companies in the world, Sumo Logic was founded in 2010 by self-proclaimed data nerds Christian Beedgen and Kumar Saurabh, and has grown into a power player in Silicon Valley. Household names like The New York Times, The Clorox Company, and Viacom are among their notable clients. The company expects continued robust growth in the years ahead.

Key Products

1. Azure Management – Ensure exceptional customer experience by eliminating application downtime. Secure apps with built-in machine-learning and simplify compliance requirements.

2. DevOps Observability – Reduce downtime by finding, investigating, and resolving customer-impacting issues faster with real-time alerting and dashboards for all data – logs, metrics, and traces

3. Cloud SIEM – Our cloud-native solution supports the entire spectrum of security use cases — from logging compliance data, to monitoring and securing hybrid clouds, to delivering market-leading SIEM capabilities.

4, Cloud Analytics -Make smarter business decisions by harnessing the data exhaust of your application.

5. AWS Monitoring – Deep AWS integrations and out-of-the-box content for unified visibility of AWS services and lightning fast troubleshooting.