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Vistex solutions helps businesses take control of their mission-critical processes, including their promotions, rebates, pricing, discounts, and other incentives. With so many programs across so many partner relationships, it can be impossible to see where all the money is going, let alone how much difference it’s actually making to revenue.


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Key Executives

Sanjay Shah, Vistex Founder, CEO and Chief Architect

Sanjay Shah is a tech entrepreneur, Founder, CEO & Chief Architect of enterprise software company Vistex, transforming how organizations bring their products and services to market by taking control of mission-critical processes. Shah identified a void in ERP and went on to establish Vistex, creating an entirely new category of enterprise software. As a global organization, Vistex’s software and services – along with their growing 1,600+ dedicated team members and associates – make sure it all adds up for their customers.

On the philanthropic front, Vistex Foundation provides grants to nonprofits focusing on health, education, and basic needs. Vistex Endeavor is an employee-focused charity centered on volunteerism. Shah is passionate about lifelong learning, so as a graduate of Lehigh University, he founded the Vistex Institute for Executive Learning and Research there.

Udo Hannemann, Senior VP and General Manager for Europe

Udo Hannemann is a Senior Vice President and General Manager at Vistex. With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry I joined the Vistex team in 2010. His main passion has been to build a high-performance team in a multicultural environment with employees from more than 25 countries. I’m a strong advocate for creating a place of trust and sustainability, where employees are helping customers to run the best commercial platform within their industry.

Currently, in his role as General Manager at Vistex, he takes this approach to help their retail, manufacturing and distributor customers understand their most critical revenue programs and help them ensure that their programs (like trade spend, pricing, rebates, or claims) do not leave any money on the table. His passion is to help companies to innovate and optimize to achieve the next level of business excellence. At Vistex he brings in knowledge to build up new business models and introduce them to the market. Strategic liaison with large customers, defining strategies, comprehensive development of programs, portfolio management and best practices are part of my key skills.

Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights and Royalties

Amos Biegun is the Global Head of Rights and Royalties and Managing Director (UK) of Vistex. Biegun is a highly experienced, results driven senior executive with over 30 years of multidisciplinary experience in the enterprise software industry (both cloud and on-premise) as well as all aspects of intellectual property rights management and royalties. Prior to joining Vistex Biegun spent 17 years as Chief Executive Officer at Counterpoint Systems. Biegun graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Bachelor’s in economics, as well as studying economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Corporate Responsibility

Social Innovation

Vistex recognizes there is an opportunity to leverage the high-level knowledge of their associates, the capabilities of their products, and the experience and networks of their partners around the world. They have committed themselves to building programs that do just that. Initiatives like VistexGO bring together community relationships, software development acumen and the power of Vistex solutions to make a difference for those in need. For Vistex, Social Innovation means recognizing they have the power to do more, and pursuing that goal.

Diversity & Inclusion

Vistex strives each day to create a relevant workplace that reflects the global communities where they live, work and engage. Going even deeper, they encourage each other to be authentic and creative. Through the cultivation of partnerships, both internal and external, their aim is creating a culture that is welcoming to all. Vistex believes that unique perspectives and individual differences give their company an abundance of talent, innovation, and achievement.

Company Insights

“Our success as a business is a direct result of the people who make up Vistex. From day one, we have recognized our strength comes from different ideas, different viewpoints, and open communication. We strive to make Vistex a place where everyone is welcome, valued, and put in a position to succeed. For us, a diverse and inclusive workplace is a must to be able to deliver results for our customers around the world.” – Sanjay Shah, Vistex Founder, CEO & Chief Architect


“Each of our team members have commonalities and uniqueness, bringing to our organization a diversity of background, thought and experiences that makes Vistex an amazing place to work.” – Jenn Kupress, Vice President of Human Resources