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Xactly is a leading software company founded by a sales leader, for salespeople. Xactly’s AI-powered Intelligent Revenue Platform gives Revenue Operations teams the data they need to power sales leaders to plan with agility, motivate with intention, and predict with conviction. It’s on a mission to transform the sales industry with AI to power sales to deliver results regardless of circumstances.

It was founded in 2005 by Chris Cabrera, the current CEO, and went public in 2015, raising $96 million in its IPO. In 2017, Vista Equity Partners completed an acquisition of Xactly, establishing a partnership between the two entities. With a diverse customer base spanning multiple industries, including technology, finance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail, Xactly is dedicated to delivering excellent customer value and driving success.

Xactly’s strong workplace culture, centered on belonging, diversity, and inclusion, has earned them numerous awards and recognition. With employees across the globe and headquarters in Los Gatos, the company excels in providing reliable, innovative, and effective solutions that provide tangible results for its customers.

Key Products

Xactly Incent

It is the company’s incentive compensation management software solution, which allows organizations to automate, implement, and manage complex incentive compensation management programs. This solution helps companies to drive performance, improve sales effectiveness, and reduce administrative costs associated with incentive compensation management.

Xactly Forecasting

This is Xactly’s sales forecasting and pipeline analytics software solution, which provides data-informed pipeline analytics to help drive consistent sales execution and accurate forecasting. This solution helps organizations to understand their pipeline health and identify potential areas for improvement, which can lead to more predictable revenue growth.

Xactly Sales Planning

It is Xactly’s sales planning software solution, which allows organizations to design, monitor, and optimize sales capacity and quota plans. This solution helps companies to optimize their sales resources by aligning their sales capacity and quotas with their revenue goals, resulting in improved sales productivity and revenue growth.


Other Key Products

  • Xactly Show Me™ – a digital Adoption Software for Xactly Solutions

  • Xactly Operational Sales Management™ – a Sales Planning Automation and Execution

  • Xactly Territories® – a Visualization and Alignment of Reps to Sales Opportunities

  • Xactly Benchmarking™ – Sales Compensation Benchmarking

  • Xactly Framework™ – Business Process Extension

  • Xactly Connect® – Sales Data Integration

  • Xactly Objectives™ – Employee Performance Management

  • Xactly Insights® – Pay and Performance Analytics

  • Commission Expense Accounting™ – Commission Expense Management

  • Xactly AlignStar® – Territory Management & Optimization

  • Xactly Transform – Unlock new business value from your revenue operations

Customer Insights

Xactly’s products have generally received positive reviews. For instance, Xactly Incent, their flagship product for sales performance management, has received high ratings on G2, with users commending its ease of use, configurability, and ability to generate accurate sales performance data. Xactly Objectives, their product for setting and tracking sales objectives, has also received positive feedback from users for its simplicity and the ability to keep sales teams aligned with company goals.

According to G2, Xactly is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 350 reviews. The company has been recognized as a leader in sales performance management software and has received high rating for its ease of use, customer support, and features such as territory management, quota management, and commission tracking. Xactly Insights, which provides real-time visibility into sales performance data, has been praised for its intuitive dashboard and ease of data visualization. Xactly AlignStar, a territory management tool, has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its ability to optimize territories and increase sales team productivity. Similarly, Xactly Forecasting has been commended for its accuracy in sales forecasting and ability to help businesses better predict future sales trends.

Overall, Xactly’s suite of sales performance management products has received positive feedback from users, indicating that they are effective in helping sales teams drive growth and meet business goals.


  • Number of employees: 1,600

  • Xactly has acquired 5 organizations, most recently TopOPPS in March 2021.

  • Number of countries with offices: 5

  • It has raised a total of $89.9M in funding over 9 rounds.

  • It has 760 customers in the United States and others in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Rating and Commentary

Xactly has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Backed by prominent investors such as Vista Equity Partners and Salesforce Ventures, the company reported a staggering 71% growth in the first half of 2021 and has continued to expand.. This success can be attributed to the rising demand for Xactly’s solutions, which have consistently delivered results for a diverse range of industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. With a track record of revenue growth over the past four years, Xactly has established itself as a trusted partner for both large enterprises and mid-sized organizations.

Under the leadership of Chris Cabrera, Xactly has successfully transitioned from a startup to a publicly-traded company while maintaining a strong position in the market. Despite facing competition from companies like CaptivateIQ and Spiff, Xactly’s commitment to innovation and its ability to stay ahead has propelled its growth. The company’s recurring revenue model, based on subscription-based services, ensures a stable and predictable revenue stream. This, combined with its market position and strong track record, presents an opportunity for future investors. With the increasing demand for cloud-based sales performance management solutions, Xactly is well-positioned to capitalize on market opportunities and continue its upward trajectory.

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Key Executives

Christopher W. Cabrera, Founder and CEO

Chris Cabrera is the founder and CEO of Xactly, a cloud-based sales performance management software provider. He has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry and is a thought leader in sales performance management. Cabrera has led Xactly’s growth from a startup to a publicly-traded company and is committed to creating a positive work culture. He has been recognized for his exceptional leadership and philanthropic efforts.

Arnab Mishra, Chief Operating Officer

Arnab Mishra is the COO of Xactly, a cloud-based sales performance management software provider. He has over 7 years of experience with the company, rising from VP of Product Management and Strategy to COO in 2020. Mr. Mishra is a strategic leader with extensive experience in sales, product management, and technology innovation. He previously worked at Oracle, BEA Systems, and Siebel Systems. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Ron Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer

Ron Rasmussen is the CTO at Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based incentive compensation solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the software industry, Ron has held executive positions at Verimatrix, GlobalScape, Dell EMC, and Digital Equipment Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He is a thought leader in the technology industry who regularly speaks at industry events and contributes to open-source projects.

Organizational Insights

Xactly has a 4.2 rating on Glassdoor, with 88% of employees recommending the company to others and 92% approving of the CEO. It was also ranked #9 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019 list. Employees appreciate the collaborative and supportive work environment, leadership, and compensation and benefits packages.

Xactly has received the prestigious recognition of being named a Great Place to Work by Fortune Magazine on eight separate occasions. The company is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive workplace environment that values and celebrates the individuality of every employee. Xactly believes that diversity is a driving force behind its success, empowering its global workforce to initiate positive transformations both within the company and in the broader community.


Company Quotes:

“From moving to the Public Cloud, to partnering with our energy providers to purchase enough renewable energy to decrease our greenhouse gasses (GHG) impact, we are exploring new ways to push ourselves to the next level of reducing our environmental impact.” – Ron Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer, Xactly Corporation


“Acceptance, appreciation and celebrating differences is a core part of how Xactlians live an inclusive culture and bring out the best in our employees. Investing in people’s growth and building an environment of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness is something that we are intentional about everyday.” – Megan Ackerson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Xactly Corporation

Board Members

John P. Ward Jr. is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing partner of Turnstone Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in investing in and acquiring software and technology companies. Ward has been a member of the board of directors of Xactly since 2016. He has also served on the boards of several other companies in the software and technology industry.

Dave Pidwell is an experienced finance executive and board member. He currently serves as the managing partner of Artemis Advisory Services, a consulting firm that provides financial and strategic advice to companies. Pidwell has been a member of the board of directors of Xactly since 2018. He has also served on the boards of several other companies in the software and technology industry, as well as in other sectors such as finance and healthcare.

Company insights

Vista Equity Partners is a global investment firm focusing on technology and software companies. With over $75 billion in assets and offices in multiple locations, the firm has successfully partnered with companies to drive growth and value creation. Vista acquired Xactly in 2017 for $564 million and helped accelerate the company’s growth and expand its product offerings, leading to a successful IPO in 2015. As the majority shareholder, Vista continues to support Xactly’s growth and innovation initiatives.

Salesforce Ventures is the venture capital arm of Salesforce, a cloud-based software company. It invests in enterprise cloud technology startups and backed Xactly’s Series E funding round in 2015, which helped Xactly expand its product offerings and accelerate its growth. a bit longer.

Alloy Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in technology and life sciences companies. The firm participated in Xactly’s Series C funding round in 2012, which helped Xactly further develop its sales performance management software. Alloy Ventures’ investment in Xactly demonstrates its commitment to supporting innovative companies with high growth potential in the technology sector.

Key Milestones

  • Xactly Welcomes Jason Godley as New Chief Financial Officer (2023) 

  • Xactly received 2023 top-rated sales performance management software

  • Xactly Received ‘Best Predictive Analytics Solution; in the Fifth Annual AI Breakthrough Awards Program Honors “Breakthrough” Artificial Intelligence Technologies Around the World (2022)

  • Xactly Appoints Industry Veteran Michel van den Berg to Drive Continued Expansion in EMEA (2022).

  • Xactly won the 2022 Tech Cares Award based on its strong commitment to sustainability, volunteerism, and focus on its own workforce. 

  • Xactly Acquires TopOPPS to Revolutionize Revenue Intelligence in 2021

News and Press Releases

  • April 5, 2023: Xactly Incent aims to offer meticulous compensation plans for sales (Read)

  • SEP 13, 2022: Xactly releases data on sales team turnover and retention insights (Read)

  • May 18, 2022: Strong Adoption of Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform Drives Growth in Q1 (Read)

  • FEB 10, 2022: Xactly Beats Their Best with 86% Growth in 2021 (Read)

  • JUL 12, 2022: Xactly Joins Over 500 CEOs and Nonprofit Leaders to Ask State and District Leaders to Prioritize Computer Science in K-12 Schools (Read)

  • NOV 09, 2021: Xactly Achieves Strongest Quarter in Company History, Grows Bookings by 92% (Read)



This software offers sales commission management and planning, with features such as automation, forecasting, and data visualization. They have positive customer reviews and investors such as Sequoia Capital.


Spiff provides a commission tracking and management platform with real-time reporting, analytics, and insights. Their software integrates with CRMs and other sales tools, and they have investors such as Norwest Venture Partners.


This software provides a comprehensive sales performance management platform, including territory management, quota setting, and incentive compensation. They have been in the market for over 15 years and have customers such as ADP and Prudential.


Performio offers sales commission automation, with features such as analytics, reporting, and integrations with CRMs and other sales tools. They have positive customer reviews and investors such as AirTree Ventures. Performio’s investors include Rampersand VC, Scale Investors, and P2P Transport Chairman John Wallington. The company has been recognized for its innovative approach to sales compensation management, with awards such as the “Best Sales Compensation Management Solution” in the 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

Corporate Responsibility

Xactly is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

In terms of the environment, Xactly has been working to reduce its carbon emissions. They have implemented energy-efficient technologies and encouraged employees to reduce their carbon footprint by using public transportation, carpooling, and telecommuting. They have also engaged with suppliers and partners to promote environmental responsibility across their value chain.

Xactly has also demonstrated social responsibility by promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They have implemented programs and policies to ensure equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or other factors. They have also implemented initiatives to support the communities in which they operate, such as charitable giving and volunteering programs.

In 2020, they were named to the FTSE4Good Index, which measures the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards. In addition, Xactly has published an ESG report that details the company’s commitments, progress, and goals in these areas. The report also includes metrics and data to track the company’s ESG performance over time.


ESG efforts include:

1. The San Jose Clean Energy Program

Participating in this program resulted in emitting over 60% less carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour by using 90% renewable and carbon-free energy sources.

2. Physical Server Reduction

Consolidating 50% of physical server equipment into VM servers resulted in one server now hosting 20+ virtual servers, significantly decreasing power consumption.

3. eRecycling

Reselling their gently used laptops has resulted in $28,000 donated back in 2021 to their 501c3, XactlyOne.

4. Paper Reduction

Utilizing DocuSign has saved 62,984 lbs of wood and 185,452 gallons of water.

Sustainability Assessment

Xactly has been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of sustainability achievement! Sustainability is the continuing commitment to act responsibly by integrating social and environmental concerns into business operations. EcoVadis assesses companies’ policies and actions as well as their published reporting related to the environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.


Since its founding, Xactly has operated with their core C.A.R.E. values (customer focus, accountability, respect, and excellence) at the heart of everything they do, from philanthropy and hiring practices to product advancements and awards.

Culture, Belonging, Diversity, and Inclusion

They’re passionate about cultivating a workplace environment that celebrates the uniqueness of each Xactlian. Diversity fuels their success and by embracing it, they empower their employees around the world to inspire change in the office and in the community.

The XactlyOne Foundation

XactlyOne organizes volunteer opportunities and projects for employees, and encourages them to take action and donate their time and talents in their local neighborhoods. The XactlyOne Foundation has hit some impressive milestones across its years of operation. Since 2005, 2,400 volunteers have donated over 15,000 hours and the XactlyOne Foundation has given $585,000 to incredible organizations like the American Cancer Society, Best Buddies, and Brian’s Hope.


Their ESG policy emphasizes their focus on effective corporate governance and its importance for business execution ultimately benefiting their shareholders. Their commitment to ethical business practices is captured in the Code of Conduct which is given to all Xactly employees and updated regularly.

As part of ESG initiative, they have set the goal of training 100% of Xactly employees on important governance topics like ethical business conduct, data privacy, information security, anti-corruption, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policy by 2025.


Xactly understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their customers’ information are vital to their business operations and therefore to their success. Their Security Policy outlines their multi-layered approach to protecting that key information, and constantly monitoring and improving our applications, systems, and processes to meet the changing demands and challenges of security.

Sustainable Procurement

Xactly is committed to including sustainable procurement-related questionnaires in vendor assessments going forward. Their Sustainable procurement policy intends to make their operations more sustainable by:

– Upholding the laws and regulations of the respective countries they operate in

– Endorsing the highest standards of economic, ethical, environmental, and social practices

– Identifying and mitigating risks associated with their procurement process

– Communicating the policy with internal stakeholders and raising awareness to their suppliers