Xactly Corp
Data Management & Analytics
Los Gatos, CA


Overall Rank: 70
Category: Data Management & Analytics
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  • Top Software Company of 2022


Headquartered in Los Gatos, California with offices around the world, Xactly is an Intelligent Revenue company that has helped thousands of companies and millions of sellers around the world beat their revenue targets. Using Xactly’s solutions, leaders look past the current quarter to create revenue streams for long-term growth.

Chris Cabrera founded Xactly in 2005 on the foundation of questioning status-quo thinking. As the first ICM vendor to embrace SaaS, Xactly has led the market by being bold and having the grit and courage to transform. It began its journey with a desire to help its customers “Incent Right, Sell More.” Over the years, it has evolved from ICM to SPM, with a desire to “Inspire Performance” and “Unleash Human Potential.” Xactly went public on the NYSE in 2016, and was purchased by PE firm Vista for $564 million in 2017. Thanks to talented leadership, focus on customer experience, and global adoption, Xactly reported 86% growth in FY22.

As business today is different than it was only a couple of years ago, with companies working to grow despite disruption, Xactly’s vision continues to evolve. In this complex environment, it aspires to help its customers unleash their sellers’ potential and unlock every dollar in its pipeline. The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform marries artificial intelligence and 17 years of proprietary data in easy-to-use applications. Sentiment, process, and trend analysis come together to form accurate machine forecasts. Quick identification and implementation of revenue plans, quotas, and territory improvements are easy. And, rapid calculation of even the most complex compensation plans keeps sales reps motivated and on track. These unique capabilities make the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform the only solution that aligns seller behavior with boardroom strategy to create a resilient, predictable, and profitable business.