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  1. Passion. That is the key strength of Aaron Feuer, CEO of Panorama Education. In a high school of over 5,000 students, Aaron and his classmates didn’t always feel seen and heard. Their school was so overcrowded that they went to school year-round, in shifts. The school was labeled a “drop-out factory.” A lot of adults thought the school was broken, but Aaron saw that students had perspectives, ideas, and dreams that deserved to be heard. Aaron joined dozens of classmates to organize and ask for more from their school system. Part of his student activism was asking to run a student survey. He never got to do a student survey, and the idea stayed with him. Aaron started Panorama Education with a vision that every single student can be seen, heard, and known by the adults in their schools. Every student has a voice. Every student has a story. And every student deserves support as they chart their path in the world. Today, Aaron’s passion allows him to lead a team of 250 employees that support over 13 million K-12 students in 1,500 school districts across the country. He has created an environment where engineers, educators, and designers are just as passionate as himself about improving education. Across all of this work, Aaron’s simple belief in seeing the whole child and elevating the student voice remains at the center.

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