Adam Harris
Co-Founder and CEO



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Adam Harris has diversified finance, transmedia marketing, and web technologies background ranging from being a technology investment banker, a technology consultant to emerging business, and the founder of numerous technology start-ups.

His startup skills include business development, technology business consulting, sales management, product development, software architecture, software design & development, team building, platform development, web analytics, operations, investor relations, strategic & tactical planning.



  1. What are the leaders key strength Adam brings many strengths, including humor, grace, intelligence, and a genuine curiosity and concern for customers and employees. In fact, Adam believes his employees are customers and vica versa, and invests wisely in each, which is a main contributor to Cloudbeds’ growth and success. When it comes to customers, Adam is relentless in his desire to understand their needs and provide solutions that will make their lives easier and businesses’ profitable. Cloudbeds provides independent hotel owners a SaaS-based hospitality management solution. The suite of products replaces traditional legacy systems and creates greater efficiencies for busy hoteliers. He also understands his customers wear many hats and the IT hat often does not fit. So Cloudbeds providers Onboarding Coaches to get owners setup and running, often in as little as a day. The company also offers world-class, in-house, and in-country support. And it’s more than just technical support, the company even offers a Conflict and Resolution Team to alleviate the time consuming and stressful burden of payment conflict resolution between guests and the hotel. Like all of the support team, the Conflict and Resolution team is composed of in-country industry experts who understand the issues facing independent hoteliers where they live and work. Adam, and Cloudbeds’ goal is to provide all independent hoteliers more time to focus on guest experiences while improving revenues, creating memorable guest experiences, and reducing time spent on hotel operations. This level of care and concern is rewarded with many hoteliers voluntarily hosting Cloudbeds seminars for other hoteliers so they too can learn about and enjoy its benefits. This is unique and special in any industry and one of the many reasons Cloudbeds is trusted by more than 20,000 hoteliers and enjoyed a 180% growth rate from 2017 to 2019. Adam also doubled down on the travel industry when it was hurting from the pandemic rather than find new revenue streams for Cloudbeds. The investment is paying off as travel is one of the fastest growing industries as the world re-opens and Cloudbeds is well positioned to benefit from his leadership. Adam brings the same level of investment and care to his employees. Cloudbeds is a 100% distributed workforce meaning every employee can work from home, or from anywhere in the world. Long before the global lockdown, Adam and his team were instituting policies to encourage and support remote workers to ensure employee happiness and productivity. For example, before it became popular, he instituted unlimited PTO and encouraged the employees to use it. He leads by example and lets his staff know when he is taking PTO to rest, recharge and spend time with family. Adam also insisted the company not lay off any employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the downturn in the travel industry. The approach works as Cloudbeds now has over 400 employees across 157 countries and continues to grow. As travel is an integral part of the culture at Cloudbeds, Adam has established apartments around the world for employees to use as travel destinations for work and play. Employees reserve time to use the apartments using the Cloudbed hospitality suite, another unique practice that encourages the employees to use what they provide to their customers. In response to the added stress of the COVID 19 pandemic, Adam led the charge for Cloudbeds to add licensed therapists to its staff. This allows employees to seek support when dealing with the added pressures of the global lockdown and further underscores the company’s concern for its employees’ well being. Many would argue that Adam’s innovative approach to employee happiness would erode productivity. However, Adam believes that the workplace is not a less productive place if senior management changes how they think about it and seek creative ways to ensure employee happiness and productivity. By successfully converting customers and employees into evangelists for Cloudbeds, Adam is setting the stage for a long and successful tenure as a strong leader. The company continues to grow, and despite the pandemic, continues to rapidly add new customers and employees quarterly.

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