Alex Rabens



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Alex Rabens is the CEO of Mickey. Mickey brings American Export online, allowing buyers from all over the world to purchase natural resources directly from independent suppliers without brokers or commission. Rabens has over 12 years in the import and export industry. He began his career in 2009.

Before joining Mickey, Rabens was a vice president at Endeavor and before that an agent at William Morris Endeavor. Earlier in his career he worked with Columbia Artists as an assistant.

Rabens graduated from UCLA with an undergraduate degree in musicology and ethnomusicology.



  1. Rabens launched Mickey with a vision to help the global economy. He knew that the US ships empty container vessels around the world and that US-based SME raw material suppliers have a hard time connecting with international buyers. He launched Mickey in hopes of helping to get more of the country’s supplies — especially from SME businesses — into the hands of domestic and global buyers. While growing Mickey, Rabens has also secured financing to help grow the team and scale the operations to introduce new products to the world. Rabens is an exceptional leader trying to close the gap on inefficiencies in our shipping, global trade, commodities, and logistics sectors.

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