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Alix has begun her career as a Product Manager at Hi-Media agency, where she was in charge of online advertising (display, CPC/CPM). Later on she joined Keyade Digital Agency as an SEM/Affiliation Manager. In 2009, RĂ©mi and Alix co-founded Liwio, a web analytics consulting agency specialized in conversion rate optimization. After noticing the lack of tools available on the market for validating optimization ideas, they created the AB Tasty software. AB Tasty is SaaS leading solution that helps data-driven marketers tailor user-experience and increase conversion rates through A/B testing and content personalisation. Founded in 2011, AB Tasty is made up of 70 employees across offices in London, Paris, Madrid, Cologne and Sidney and generates a growth of 100 percent per year. Nowadays Alix is in charge of AB Tasty's international business development.



  1. Alix is really great at knowing who all of her employees are. This is a really underrated strength – AB Tasty has over 200 employees and she can name who everyone is, where they are from, what department they work in, what their strengths are, and what motivates them. This makes every single employee at AB Tasty feel appreciated, understood, and fully utilized. Not only does she know who the individuals are, but she also knows what is happening on their team. She can sit in on any meeting on any day, and have a full understanding of what that team is working on and what their pain points are. Alix is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and go into the trenches along side any team. Conversely, any employee would not hesitate to go up to Alix and make a suggestion or give an idea regarding the company. In fact, people often do – she sits out on the floor in the open office with everyone else.

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  2. Leadership, has created a company with strong values like team spirit, client satisfaction, entusiasm…

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  3. Enthusiastic, decisive, and holistic in her leadership!

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  4. Leadership, creativity, organization, flexibility.

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  5. NA

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