Amos Stern
Co-Founder & CEO



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Amos is the CEO and founded Siemplify in 2015. Sincei 2014 he has an official member and contributer with YL ventures. Prior to founding Siemplify he was Cyber & Intelligence Director and Cyber & Intelligence Director with Elbit Systems Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Colman Faculty of Business and Academic Studies



  1. Amos Stern is helping to solve one of the biggest and most expensive risks facing businesses: data breaches. The security operations center (SOC) within an organization is tasked with detecting and responding to cyber issues that could lead to breaches. But SOC teams are underperforming due to rapidly increasing numbers of threat alerts, an over-reliance on manual processes, skills shortages and more, meaning the bad guys are getting away with big data thefts before anyone catches on. That’s why Amos co-founded Siemplify, manufacturer of a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform. Last year, the company launched the industry’s first-ever cloud-native SOAR, and now roughly 75% of new Siemplify customers are deploying the cloud version of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. It makes SOCs more efficient and effective. Think Salesforce but for security operations teams. But launching a cloud product meant a fundamental shift as a company toward being a SaaS vendor — and Amos has overseen this transition with a steady hand, instilling confidence and optimism with a focus on communication and collaboration. Prior to Siemplify, Amos led the cybersecurity department within the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Corps. Outside the office – when he’s not snowboarding – Amos pays his good fortune forward by delivering keynotes on cybersecurity and advising early-stage startups. And not surprisingly, Amos wants everyone to have access to computers, including the disabled, which is why he is a regular contributor to Open Sesame’s efforts to make “touch free, free for all.” Amos is not only altruistic, but also a rising star and business thought leader, guiding a fast-growing company that plays in the hottest corner of the cybersecurity market. He turned a fledgling operation into the leading independent SOAR provider, transitioning headquarters from Tel Aviv (which still houses R&D) to New York. Now with over 160 employees, Siemplify, under Amos’ direction, stands to have its most explosive year yet.

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  2. Amos combines his cybersecurity background with deep business acumen to drive incredible growth and market leadership for Siemplify. He Co-Founder Siemplify in 2016 and has led it to a leading position in the SOAR market, with 160 employees, $57M in funding and global blue chip customer base. As a leader, Amos’s calm and effective leadership makes everyone around him better and more motivated. He also bravely takes risks to create a sustainable competitive advantage for Siemplify, such as pivoting to SaaS or launching first to market innovations.

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