Amy Bunszel
EVP, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design Solutions



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Amy has been with Autodesk since 2003. She is currently EVP, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design Solutions. Amy has held several positions such as Senior Vice President, Design and Creation Products, Vice President, Design and Creation Products, Vice President, AutoCAD Products and Senior Director, Digital Engineering. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and Masters Degree from the University of Amherst.



  1. Amy Bunszel excels at building high-trust teams and enhancing team collaboration and communication. She understands how to break-down silos so teams can focus on innovating. This includes intentionally building dependencies within different business units so teams can learn from one another, support each other to meet goals, and lean on each other during challenges. As a leader, Amy is a firm believer that operating in your comfort zone all of the time and avoiding change inhibits learning, stretching, and growing. She encourages rising leaders to invest and build relationships with people they trust and can go to for candid feedback or ideas. Candid feedback can feel risky. But, without candid feedback leaders won’t grow and continuously improve. She practices the same with her teams today, by asking for and being open to feedback, so she and her team can continuously improve and build better products for customers.

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