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As CEO, Amy has a strong passion for providing an exceptional customer experience and products that deliver real value and performance for Vertafore’s customers. Her approach drives Vertafore’s commitment to continuous improvement through a vibrant company culture that inspires employees to innovate and be creative to solve customers’ ever-changing needs.

Amy is a veteran software and data solutions executive, having spent two decades in senior leadership roles in the B2B software industry. After beginning her career as a senior consultant at Deloitte, she spent nearly 10 years as a partner at The Structure Group, an IT services consultancy acquired by Accenture in 2015. At Ventyx, an ABB Enterprise Software company, Amy served as EVP, Global Client Services and SVP and General Manager of enterprise solutions. Prior to joining Vertafore, she spent four years in the C-suite at P2 Energy Solutions, the largest software and technology provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, first as CTO, then COO and finally as CEO.

Amy earned a BA in mathematics from Northwestern University.



  1. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working for and with Amy Zupon since November 2016 as the company’s senior vice president, general counsel and secretary. During that time, I have seen Amy deftly, democratically, and with great finesse manage Vertafore, our customers, and our employees through a major transitional change involving (a) hiring and mentoring a new executive team, (b) finding a Denver HQ location, (c) building out that Denver location from a small (60 person) Westminster office to a powerhouse downtown Denver HQ of now over 100,000 square feet (soon to be 150,000 sf), (d) relocating our company headquarters from Bothell, Washington to Denver, (e) creating one of the strongest and best software companies in Colorado and North America, (f) hiring and developing a repeatable bootcamp training program; (g) hiring 700 of 1400 employees company-wide (over 500+ of which are now here in Denver) IN ONE YEAR, (h) rebranding Vertafore, (i) overhauling our company culture and majorly changing how we treat, communicate and work with our customers and each other with REAL results, (j) defining and implementing a new company strategy, (k) overhauling our internal and external communications program, (l) implementing new internal systems to maximize our efficiencies, and the list goes on and on. A good CEO will do one or two, maybe three of those things in a year, with differing results. Amy has done them all, all at once, and done them expertly and with excellent results. It also includes answering every email, every text message, every phone, every customer inquiry. Somehow during all this, every detail was never lost. She is a person who inspires others and is well liked, which is an amazing feat given all the changes we have navigated through with her leadership. She has a family she also loves and attends to. And, during all this time, our company ***grew*** in revenue and profits. When I first started, she explained to me that we would essentially be fixing the plane while we were flying the plane. Two things I want to say about this: (1) it wasn’t a plane, it was a flying city that she is transforming into a Stealth jet; and (2) there is no mechanic, no pilot, no executive, no CEO that anywhere near holds a candle to Amy Zupon. She absolutely deserves this award.

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  2. As the CEO of Vertafore the leader in modern insurance technology – Amy and her team deliver software and data solutions for the entire insurance distribution channel. Over 500,000 insurance professionals from brokers, agencies, MGAs, MGUs, and carriers use Vertafore’s software, including more than half of the top 100 brokers in the United States. In 2016, Amy became the CEO of Vertafore joining with a proven track record of driving customer-centered innovation, scaling operational excellence and uniting teams. Under her guidance, Vertafore has recommitted to drive success for its customers, launched a new Headquarters in Denver, CO and realigned to a Centers of Excellence strategy to provide world-class service and support to its customers. Amy has set Vertafore on a path to continued success and started tackling some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, for the benefit of the insurance professionals, and ultimately for the benefit of the insured’s they serve. Outside of work, Amy is an active member of the Denver charity and non-profit communities. She shares her passion for service by encouraging employees to utilize paid volunteer time off and promoting a culture of giving.

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  3. Amy is a strong and proactive leader who is constantly thinking of ways Vertafore can innovate and grow. Amy is constantly thinking about how to improve the experiences of her customers and provide the services they need to remain successful and competitive. Furthermore, she’s an inspirational female CEO with an impressive track record of success and leadership in male dominated industries.

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  4. Amazing at building an organization – both structurally and culturally. Great leader who holds people accountable and gets things done. Clients love her – she really understands their point of view and is great at building quality customer service team. She is known for turning around difficult clients.

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  5. Among the many strengths Amy possesses as a CEO, I find her best qualities to be that she stresses the importance of the customer experience, she has purpose in every initiative she leads, and she’s great at establishing relationships both within and outside the organization.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  6. Amy is incredibly intelligent and can quickly identify – and help others identify – the key levers to move the business; helping us focus on the most important things first. She is also an energetic and out-front leader challenging all to keep pace with her.

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  7. Great attention to detail, works well with teams, ability to remain business savvy while also taking care of the teams, visionary in terms of setting industry direction.

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  8. A great leader that truly cares about the people and creating a culture that supports opportunity to grow.

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  9. Strategic vision, team enablement, attention to detail

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  10. Vision Candor Trustworthiness

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