Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva
Chief Architect, Co-Founder



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Anastasia is responsible for Reltio's technical product architecture. She has extensive experience in big data and enterprise software architecture, including the design of core components of the Informatica Master Data Management platform. Anastasia holds a MS in Computer Science from Chelyabinsk State University where she conducted research in the area of distributed graph computing.



  1. As Technical Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Reltio, Anastasia has played a key role in the company’s rising success. In 2017, Reltio was ranked #153 in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, with a three-year revenue growth rate of 2568%, placing it among the top 4% fastest-growing private companies in the nation ( also ranked Reltio in the country’s top 10 fastest-growing software companies, and the 7th fastest-growing among companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, thanks to Anastasia’s innovations in bringing new Modern Data Management capabilities to organizations around the globe, delivering data-driven applications that people can use every day to gain insights and actions from their data assets. From her childhood, Anastasia knew she wanted to build software, bring innovation and do something nobody in the world had ever done before. Born in the USSR, she grew up when the union was broken into many countries — a time of huge, 180-degree changes in the lives of many families, coming from the stability under socialism, where everything was provided or granted, to the breakdown that caused 95% of the people in Russia to become poor overnight in the shift to capitalism. Anastasia’s parents taught her to persevere without complaint, and she began to view it as a time of opportunity, so long as you were willing to dream big and work hard. For Anastasia, “working hard” meant focusing on getting the best education possible. And she achieved diplomas with honors in both high school and college. Throughout her professional career, Anastasia has made a notable impact in the data management and SaaS industries. In 2011, she co-founded Reltio with the mission to solve some of the biggest data management problems others had not yet been able to address. She architected the solution, the Reltio Self-learning Data Platform as a Service, from the ground up, blazing a new trail in enabling business users to gain direct and immediate access to the information they needed to do their jobs better and faster. Anastasia was a key player in designing and building the Reltio solution that delivers data-driven applications, information intelligence, and even recommended actions to everyday business users, all from a PaaS solution something that had not been accomplished before. Today, as chief architect, Anastasia continues to update and improve the Reltio architecture, also creating the ability for the solution to run on multiple clouds. Through Anastasia’s work, Reltio Cloud runs on both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the best of the best technologies and services from both IaaS providers, in a true multi-cloud architecture. She also architected the multi-model data architecture for the product to be able to run on the best of the best technologies available to store and efficiently manage the right data in the right storage.

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