Anda Gansca
CEO & Co-Founder



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Anda is the CEO and co-founder since 2013. Prior to founding Knotch, Anda was a US Representative with the Askolkovo Foundation. She currently holds a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University.



  1. As an immigrant and a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, Anda knows what is like to be different, which is why she made the culture of Knotch as inclusive as possible. She has a relentless nature about her that pushes employees to perform their best, often far beyond what they knew to be capable. She encourages constructive feedback, about the company and herself, which is refreshing in a CEO. She admits mistakes, embraces change and pivots head on, and leads from a place of transparency, not because its the cool thing to do, but because she actually believes that employees are owed information, particularly as people granted equity in the company. She leads from the heart and the brain and has an insane ability to code switch between the two. Currently expecting her first child, she is also leading from the top, taking off the full three months allotted in our parental leave policy, inspiring all parents or future parents at Knotch.

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