André Ferraz
Founder and CEO



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André Ferraz is the Founder and CEO of Incognia. He first joined the company in 2020. Incognia is a privacy-first location identity company that provides frictionless mobile authentication to banks, fintech, and mCommerce companies, for increased mobile revenue and lower fraud losses.

Previously, Ferraz was an entrepreneur at Endeavor and before that a CEO and founder at In Loco. Earlier in his career he worked with ubee as the founder and CEO.

Ferraz earned an undergraduate degree in computer science from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.



  1. André Ferraz, is a serial entrepreneur originally from Brazil. His first company, Inloco, grew from a concept conceived in a university class into an award-winning location technology company. At the beginning of 2020 just as the world was first realizing the scale of the global pandemic, André was beginning a corporate expansion to the US. Over the next months André successfully pivoted the company, and executed the global launch of the Incognia location identity solution for mobile fraud prevention. André showed strong leadership in moving forward with this global expansion and launch, and steering the company during this difficult time, managing the remote team in Brazil with compassion during some very difficult conditions, while hiring a team in the US, and moving forward with the product launch. The result in just 10 months is that Incognia’s location technology is now deployed on more than 100 million mobile devices. The company recently received recognition as A Great Place to Work based on input from employees, receiving a higher ranking than before the pandemic. During the global pandemic, mobile adoption has only accelerated with users turning increasingly to fintech and mcommerce apps for managing finances and ordering products to help in navigating social distancing requirements and restricted access to business. New forms of contactless payment and ways to shop, including buy online and pickup in store, have emerged, creating not only new services for users but also opening new opportunities for fraud. Fraudsters have seized on the opportunity to target mobile, with mobile fraud rates rising faster than ecommerce growth. Incognia’s frictionless location technology is enabling fintech and mcommerce companies to protect users from account takeover without adding friction to the user experience and while protecting user privacy. André’s leadership during 2020 in launching the Incognia location identity solution has provided greater protection for mobile app users at a time of increasing usage and risk. André’s dedication and passion allows him to continue to lead his teams to success and makes him very deserving of recognition as a Top CyberSecurity CEO.

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