Anna Maxin
Chief Operating Officer
Hayes Software Systems



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Anna Maxin helps navigate the strategic growth of the company and is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing key performance initiatives. Throughout her tenure at Hayes, she has managed the entire product line lifecycle as well as critical marketing and sales tactics. Overall, Maxin has more than 15 years of experience working in the software industry and holds a certification in IT Asset Management.



  1. Anna is considered a leading subject matter expert across our entire industry, helping some of the largest school districts in the world improve efficiencies, save money, and help their students. Hayes is a $10m+ K-12/school focused software company who’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas. She is seen as a culture magnet and spark plug both within the company and with our customer base of over 8,000 schools. As Chief Operating Officer the departments of Customer Success, Customer Support, Consulting Services, Marketing, and Product Management all fall under her guidance. She’s a 17 year veteran of Hayes,having started as a Marketing Manager and earning her way up through the organization through grit, perseverance, and leading by example. In my opinion, as well as the rest of our company, she is seen as the epitome of what a woman leader should be and what other women in our office model themselves after. It takes a special person to be in a COO position but be seen as a selfless both by her colleagues and customers alike. Anna is a true SaaS Woman leader and would be a fantastic addition to your award winners. Furthermore, having a woman leader that supports software that is aimed to help schools and our youth would be a great story.

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  2. Anna is a remarkable blend of being both internally focused on the overall culture and success of our organization while also being customer-centric. She’s grown from an entry level marketing position (at the beginning of her career) through four different promotions and now is our Chief Operating Officer and arguably the most influential person within our 50 person organization. If you’re looking for someone to spotlight as a Woman Leader in SaaS you won’t find anymore more interesting and dynamic.

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