Anneliese Schulz
Chief Revenue Officer



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Anneliese Schulz is the Chief Revenue Officer of Syncron. Syncron accelerates leading manufacturers and distributors to capitalize on the world’s new service economy. Schulz has over 16 years in the computer software industry. She began her career in 2005.

Before joining Syncron, Schulz was a president of Asia Pacific Japan at Software AG and before that an account director at Original 1 GmbH. Earlier in her career she worked with Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Schulz graduated from Cooperative State University with an undergraduate degree in marketing.



  1. Innovative and Strategic – Anneliese is able to visualize her team’s success together with their company’s — this allows her to define and drive new innovative ways and strategically align teams across different functions to realize a strategy for driving company success. Data driven with superior listening skills – Anneliese approach is to look at the results and then determine how we got those results. Where there are issues she listens across multiple areas of input to determine what might be breakdowns in process or teaming resulting in the less than desirable outcomes. She works with her team to formulate an action plan based on the data in front of her to correct the underlying issues. She is not easily swayed by emotion or opinions and she drives accountability throughout her teams. Decisive and consistent — I have come to rely and respect Anneliese’s insight and judgment. She ask for the team’s opinions and ideas but at the end of the day she both drives the decision and holds herself accountable for the outcome.

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