Antony Jenkins
Founder and Executive Chairman
10x Future Technologies



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Antony Jenkins began his professional career over 32 years ago. Today, he is the Founder and Executive Chairman of 10x Future Technologies. 10x Future Technologies enable their client banks to engage their customers with more timely, relevant, and personalized experiences when it comes to managing money.

Jenkins first got his start in 1989 as an executive vice president at Citigroup inc. From there, he went on to Barclays Bank Plc, before eventually rising to chief executive officer at Barclays Plc, his most recent position prior to joining 10x Future Technologies.

Jenkins graduated from Cranfield Institute of Technology with an MBA and from the University of Oxford with a master’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics.



  1. Antony leads the team at 10x by example and experience. He brings to the business and team an incredible amount of industry exposure, insights and learnings built across his career, including three years through to 2015 as Group CEO at Barclays. 10x Future Technologies was created by Antony. The business has grown from small beginnings into a commercial reality with a 500+ strong business delivering for clients at opposite ends of the world – the UK and Australia. Taken together, this means Antony has a unique blend of big business and start-up, scale-up experience. He applies this from both the head and heart. For example, being a purpose-led business and leader are so important to Antony. Likewise, the values that he and the team work to. 10x’s three core values of transformation, integrity and impact were pretty much established from day one with the business. While 10x is now in a scale-up, rather than a start-up mode, Antony has been very aware of the phasing and changes that occur as a young business matures. To help manage this, and as an example of his strengths, he is open, transparent and candid with his staff. He hosts a weekly all-staff meeting, where colleagues can ask questions on anything, of anyone. While this has been done virtually amid the pandemic, it follows the same cadence of employee engagement that occurred prior to COVID-19. As well as welcome notes to new hires, Antony also meets employees soon after they start working at 10x so he can talk to them about the company’s purpose and plans as well as meet them and take any questions they may have. As Founder, Chair and CEO at 10x, Antony is a leader who is engaged with what the business is doing day by day. As well as being a leader managing the corporate and commercial needs of the business, he is also actively involved with and actively champions employee initiatives, networks and projects steered by either 10x or employees. These include internal and external colleague, community and charity programmes. For example, under Antony’s leadership approach, several voluntary and employee-led networks were established during the year inside the company. They included the 10x Women’s Network, the Black Professionals Group, and the 10x Pride LGBT+ Network. In the summer of 2020, 10x also created an employee-led Culture Action Team and an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee with volunteer members from across the business. Beyond this, 10x’s Impact and HR teams helped manage a series of employee-focused awareness-raising webinars, anniversary events and speaker programmes during 2020. These included Black History Month, Islamophobia Awareness Month, Diwali, leadership and mental wellbeing and nutrition talks, and awareness training. External activities also included work experience programmes, mentoring, local community support, and virtual summer camps for students focused on supporting their career development. Antony recorded personal videos to support such initiatives. In summary, Antony’s strengths are driven by his belief that what anyone does when they work at 10x has to be done in the right way.

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