Ariel Rosenfeld
Chief Executive Officer
3d Signals



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Ariel Rosenfeld began his professional career over 19 years ago. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of 3d Signals. 3d Signals accelerates the digital transformation of manufacturers to the Industry 4.0 era.

Rosenfeld first got his start in 2002 as a general manager at M-Systems. From there, he went on to VP of business at Via-On-Demand Transit, his most recent position prior to joining 3d Signals.

Rosenfeld graduated from Tel Aviv University with an undergraduate degree in engineering and industrial management.



  1. It’s all about people. Ariel leads with the “people-first approach,” believing with perpetuity that extraordinary people working together can achieve outstanding results. He has built a unique team who all share the same core values and are willing to put in the extra mile in order to make the company vision come true. In addition, Ariel was able to create a strong bond with customers, shareholders, and investors and align them to the company vision, making them true partners all sharing the same goals. As a person who set a personal example for everything he expects from others, Ariel is carrying the torch of the company values he defined: Result-oriented: Ariel is an exceptional person who does incredible things. He sets goals that seem impossible and yet he gets things done, which he demonstrates in every facet of life both professionally or personally: – He has been recognized by Insight Success as One of the “The 30 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch in 2018”. – He is a competitive ultra-marathon runner who has participated and won numerous races both in Israel and abroad: Four-time winner of Israel’s top ultramarathon, Three-time Spartathlon finisher, Winner of Berlin Wall 100 mile race, National record-breaker of the 24 hours race to name a few. These strengths of Ariel combined with his strong convictions led to outstanding results during the COVID-19 pandemic, where 3d Signals had enrolled new customers, traveled despite the restrictions, and met its customers face to face. Accountability: Ariel believes that each person should seek to be the best version of themselves. He is accountable for himself, his colleagues, his customers and his company. He is fully committed to help our customers realize and fulfill their fullest potential. Humility: Ariel understands that he doesn’t know it all. He is open-minded and likes to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans with customers, colleagues and peers to broaden and expand his understanding of the challenges he is facing and how to resolve them.

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