Asaf Rubin
Founder, President, and CTO



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Asaf Rubin began his professional career over 19 years ago. Today, he is the Founder, President, and CTO of Localize. Localize is revolutionizing the industry to make home-buying better for everyone by harnessing the power of AI and cutting-edge technology.

Rubin first got his start in 2002 as an algorithm developer at IDF. From there, he went on to Taboola as head of algorithm department, his most recent position prior to joining Localize.

Rubin graduated from Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel with undergraduate degrees in mathematics.



  1. Asaf Rubin leads the Localize team with the inherent strengths of his personality. He is exceptionally smart and composed, but also modest and humble. This combination has allowed him to build a team that raises others up and brings out the best in people in a supportive environment, despite leading a fast-paced start up. Asaf leads the team with his own collaboration in the day-to-day work, which allows him to better understand the needs of the team and the business, while also bringing a strategic level of thinking in his hands-on approach that pushes the company forward. He can easily navigate between granular details and high-level strategy, turning key insights into plans that he easily communicates to company stakeholders. Asaf is also extremely data-driven and focused on problem solving. He looks at important business decisions in a structured manner, helping the team simplify and analyze any issues or challenges that need to be addressed in order to succeed. His work-style has created the culture that we all enjoy at Localize: a no-ego team working toward solution-driven goals. The tone for the entire company comes from him and his style of working collaboratively, building each other up, and being solution-oriented.

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