Ashik Ahmed
Co-Founder, and Board Member



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Ashik Ahmed is the Co-Founder, and Board Member of Deputy. He first joined the company in 2008 as CTO. Deputy is the ultimate, all-in-one workforce management solution that simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication.

Previously, Ahmed was a systems engineer at Aero-Care Flight Support Pty LTD and before that a software engineer at Insyte Systems.

Ahmed earned an undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Melbourne.



  1. Ashik Ahmed is an absolute innovator with a relentless enthusiasm for making the lives of the hourly workforce better. His commitment to developing tangible, scalable solutions for today’s workforce continues to inspire employees, customers, colleagues, and partners. Ashik brings a unique combination of passion, humility, and empathy to his role of CEO of Deputy. This is likely due to his experience as an hourly worker. Ashik started his career in Australia working at Hungry Jacks (he still has the employee handbook!), where he quickly discovered inefficiencies within the hourly economy. From clocking in and out to managing changes in the schedule – he saw firsthand how it affected employees, managers, and the owners themselves. That’s why he set out to build a powerful, dynamic solution to help both owners and employees thrive: Deputy. That was 13 years ago. Today, Ashik remains fully committed to Deputy’s mission to simplify shift work and help every company and community thrive. His passion for the hourly workforce – for helping owners scale their businesses and empowering workers to live their best lives – continues to drive the company forward.

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