Ashley DuBois Leonard
CEO, Founder



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From the age of 19, InnoVint’s founder Ashley DuBois Leonard has held just about every role you can in a winery, from forklift driver to general manager. After earning her Viticulture and Enology degree from UC Davis, she worked at multiple notable wineries and experienced firsthand every aspect of the wine business. Having worked with all the software options available, she was never satisfied with the reliability and accuracy of production information.

She later transitioned to the technology world, where she had a vision. Her winemaking peers had confirmed they too had similar frustrations with production data management. It was clear there was a need in the market for flexible, intuitive, mobile-friendly winery management software that would help winemakers save time and streamline production. By combining her passion for wine with her expertise in technology, she set out to build a platform that would transform the wine industry.

And so she did.

Ashley founded InnoVint in 2013, and ever since, she and her passionate team have worked to help wine producers reach their maximum potential.



  1. Fierce leader, paving roads to bring progressive technology to a traditional industry

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