Ashley Rose
CEO & Co-Founder
Living Security



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As the CEO of Living Security, Ashley has been the driving force behind the company’s rapid growth. Since its founding in 2017, Living Security has raised more than $20 million for growth and product development and accelerated revenue growth for three consecutive years. Ashley is also continually working to build a diverse and inclusive organization around the belief that the team should reflect the community at large. An adaptable problem solver, Ashley is thoughtful and transparent in her approach to running the company and working with clients toward a singular goal: reduce risk by making people a security asset instead of a liability.

Ashley has a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and is a serial entrepreneur with experience designing and managing product lines. After launching her career in the tech industry, she became intrigued by cybersecurity and its accelerating impact on organizations, individuals, families and communities. She co-founded Living Security based on a philosophy that empowering people is the best approach to lasting security awareness and breach prevention. She has also become a thought leader in the industry regularly contributing to Forbes among other publications.



  1. Ashley is one of the most capable, passionate and driven leaders with which I have every worked. She took an identified idea, an underserved area of CyberSecurity and within three years has led the development an award winning enterprise software solution with 50 Fortune 130 clients, 50 of which are Forbes Global 2000. In addition to a great product portfolio, Ashley has led 3 rounds of successful funding supporting the growth of a 60 person company which was just named one of the Best Places to Work in Austin. With everything else, Ashley still finds time to support and mentor other women entrepreneurs. I hope you will consider Ashley for this incredible award as she is an exceptional leader.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  2. As CEO and co-founder of Living Security, Ashley has a thorough grasp of the cybersecurity industry. She has a knack for spotting emerging trends and making sure Living Security is positioned well to address them. That is what you’d expect from the leader of a cybersecurity business. What sets Ashley apart is her leadership style. She sets a great example for her team. She is always willing to jump on any project no matter how big or small, gets her hands dirty and sees it through to the finish. She is not “above” any task, which is rare and admirable for a CEO.

    Staff, submitted on

  3. Ashley is a master at driving the vision of the company while also inspiring her team to grow, learn and execute. She is also a strong supporter of our Women in Cybersecurity group, and shows a genuine care for her team members personally, as well as their families. In equal parts, Ashley leads by example – driving Living Security to be the premier partner in our product and customer journey, but also takes the time to provide the individual attention and support to her teams that keep us cohesive and moving forward together!

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Being able to execute on the organization’s vision to help bring proven, lasting change in end users’ behavior against cybercrime.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  5. Clarity and conviction on the need for true Human Risk Management!

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

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