Benjamin Schimidt
Global Chief Technology Officer



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Benjamin Schimidt is the Global Chief Technology Officer of RoadBotics. RoadBotics transforms your visual infrastructure data into meaningful maps using artificial intelligence. Schimidt has over 8 years in the software industry. He began his career in 2013.

Before joining RoadBotics, Schimidt was a chief technology officer at kWantera.

Schimidt graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Ph.D. and an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering and Biomedical.



  1. Benjamin Schmidt, Ph.D., is the CEO and Co-Founder of RoadBotics, a technology company that empowers companies to build meaningful maps and make data-driven decisions about their roads and public infrastructure assets. Ben has been the leader of product development at the company since its inception in 2016 as the founding Chief Technology Officer. With a Ph.D. in Engineering, Ben’s career is rooted in academia where he spent years researching, developing ideas, scrapping ideas, and thinking big. He has extensive experience in bringing machine learning technologies out of the research lab and into the market, as well as effectively leading and managing product and engineering teams in a start-up environment by harnessing a cohesive strategic vision. Throughout his career, Ben has applied his unique background in engineering, data science, and technology entrepreneurship to build companies that solve complex infrastructure challenges, ranging from pavement management with RoadBotics to national energy grids with his previous company. But all of Ben’s success was hard earned, and transitioning from academia to entrepreneurship was his biggest challenge. His knack for creativity and developing products with real world applications shone through in the research lab, but he questioned his efficacy in running a company focused on improving infrastructure without a Civil Engineering degree. He believed in RoadBotics mission so strongly that he immersed himself into learning about infrastructure and is now a thought leader in that space. Under his visionary leadership, RoadBotics has rapidly expanded its footprint as an industry recognized global leader in road assessments, serving over 250 government agencies and 30 engineering firms across 15 countries. His leadership in infrastructure management extends beyond his work at RoadBotics, through his role on the Board of Directors for the International Roads Federation.

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