Bernadette Nixon



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  1. Led the company through hyper growth over the past 12 months with more than 180% YoY in net new ARR, best in class retention, more than 100% growth in enterprise deals led with a developer focus, and multiple 7-figure deals across 10,000+ customers. Successfully initiated and built a two prong sales strategy using a “bottoms-up” approach (e.g., product led growth for Algolia’s self-service business) and a “top down” approach (e.g., enterprise sales) – two significantly different sales motions generating growing revenue. Introduced new, usage-based pricing policy – making it easier for businesses to pay for what they use (e.g., lower start-up costs). This was especially beneficial for businesses during the pandemic and as companies started to take off. Created a brand new corporate vision and drove the strategic acquisition of an artificial intelligence company to accelerate the the development of multiple new products – significantly, evolving the company to a multi-product company. Built a new, diverse, blended, experienced executive team comprising six new executives (CFO, CRO, CCO, CPO, CMO and CSBDO). Notably, Algolia’s executive team comprises more than 36% women and 27% under-represented groups. Positioned the company to become a category leader in several G2 Reports including Spring 2020, Winter 2020, and Summer 2021 for enterprise search

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