Beth Gaines
Head of IP Solutions - Americas
Dennemeyer Group



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  1. Beth Gaines is the Head of IP Solutions – Americas, a global software and intellectual property solutions company. She is a proven and transformational leader known for building high-performing, customer centric teams. Beth’s greatest strength is her capacity to share her deep knowledge of IP operations with her team and guide them in designing, building, and executing customer-centric solutions to improve both her customers and team’s experience. She has been recognized in the organization for her contagious passion, absolute dedication, limitless energy, and resolute focus on results. These qualities have resulted in a proven track record of driving significant value to her customers, and thus to her organization. Prior to her tenure at Dennemeyer, Beth spent over two decades in leadership roles in the legal and intellectual property space, and holds a MBA in International Business which has set her apart in an ever-growing global industry.

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