Bhavneet Chahal
Co-Founder & CEO



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Bhavneet joined in 2013 as Co-Founder & CEO.

Previously, she was an Account Director at Neon Stingray and before that an Account Manager at Groupon Australia. Earlier in her career she worked with Pacific Edge as Business Development Manager.

She graduated from University of Otago with Masters, Entrepreneurship and with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biotechnology.



  1. Bhavneet is a driven, intelligent and positive female leader in SaaS, dedicated to providing accessible and affordable education for both unemployed adults as well as working professionals. Bhav’s positive demeanor and belief that we can make a difference is contagious, and helps set the tone for the inclusive and welcoming company culture at GoSkills. As a female founder of colour, Bhav knows the value of diversity in the workplace. She has built a global, diverse team spanning 6 continents and multiple ethnicities, with many women in leadership positions. To give back to the community, Bhav launched a scholarship program for budding young female entrepreneurs, providing them with funding for their business ideas. The GoSkills’ Be the Boss scholarship is awarded twice per year, helping scholarship winners to take their projects to the next level.

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  2. Bhavneet’s passion for designing a SaaS product that improves the lives of its users is contagious. For the past 6 years Bhav has been able to inspire and motivate her team to create an award-winning eLearning platform that helps businesses and consumers boost their digital business skills. Bhav has built a profitable online company from the ground up by spreading the GoSkills mantra that focuses on quality, innovation, and customer service. Her inspiring and democratic leadership style make GoSkills a great great company to work for!

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  3. Bhav is a highly competent and driven co-founder. She’s able to keep the big picture in mind while overseeing smaller, day-to-day decisions. Running a remote company has it’s challenges. One of them being isolation from your peers. Bhav works hard at building a culture of inclusivity and friendliness by modeling it herself.

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  4. Friendly, promotes great team culture

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  5. Networking UX / design

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