Bill Carter



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  1. Bill is a driven leader, relentlessly focused on transformation that will have the biggest impact on the future of the company for its owners, employees and customers. When he joined ALM, we were a legacy publishing company with multiple brands accessed through multiple sites and print publications read by thousands of individual subscribers. Within a few years those brands were surfaced within an award-winning digital platform with enterprise subscribers from the top law firms and companies across the globe. This year, his vision led to the development beyond in the US to the launch of International, a platform that has expanded ALM’s presence to all corners of the globe. Bill’s leadership inspires employees to experiment with new concepts, resulting in an innovative legal news feed product built through use of artificial intelligence and editorial expertise. Bill’s leadership, his focus on innovation and experimentation, supported by his drive for rigor and prioritization of big bets, has led to the greatest period of transformation in the history of ALM.

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