Bill Holtz
President and CEO



  • Top SaaS CEO 2021


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Bill Holtz is the President and CEO of Sectigo Sectigo is a leading cybersecurity provider of digital identity solutions, including TLS / SSL certificates, DevOps, IoT, and enterprise-grade PKI management, as well as multi-layered web security. Holtz has over 27 years in the computer software industry. He began his career in 1994.

Before joining Sectigo, Holtz was a chief operating officer at Entrust and before that an SVP and chief information officer at Philadelphia Insurance Companies. Earlier in his career he worked with Nortel Networks as the vice president for information technology.

Sectigo graduated from Thomas Edison State University with an undergraduate degree in business administration and management.



  1. As CEO and President since 2017, Bill Holtz has fearlessly led Sectigo, a leading provider of digital certificates and automated digital certificate management, in the ever-changing cybersecurity market. In 2018, Bill took Sectigo through a full rebrand of the company. His leadership during that transition positioned the organization for market differentiation and future growth. As Sectigo began venturing into new markets, Bill assembled an executive team of industry veterans with the skills to bring dramatic change. Like a magnet, Bill has attracted the right talent and fostered an innovative, forward-thinking culture, allowing Sectigo to uncover new ways of doing things to bring tremendous value to customers around the globe. With a team-based approach, Bill leads with honesty and integrity, setting the bar high and challenging his employees to introduce exponential thinking across the organization. Under his leadership, Sectigo has rebuilt the executive management team, established a global support organization, disentangled technical systems with their former partner company, replaced old processes and systems, and built upon the company’s existing legacy and positive reputation with customers. Despite pandemic challenges, Sectigo boasted record growth in Q3 of 2020, with retail sales up more than 40% and Enterprise up more than 15%. Additionally, Sectigo recorded a more than 15% year over year overall sales growth and more than 10% year over year Channel sales increase. Bill is an accomplished leader with a track record of fostering strategic initiatives to drive Sectigo forward. Under his guidance, Sectigo has made five strategic acquisitions during the past three years and has launched several new solutions. Sectigo strengthened its enterprise security platform in 2019 with the addition of Icon Labs’ IoT security technology, and acquired CodeGuard, a website backup and recovery company for SMBs in mid-2018. In fall 2020, the company acquired SSL247, the biggest SSL certificate and web security provider in the UK and France, and Xolphin, the largest provider of SSL certificates and digital signatures in the Netherlands, to extend its sales reach and support for the company’s leading SSL certificate solutions. Sectigo most recently acquired SiteLock in May 2021—a leading provider of website security protection and monitoring—which now expands Sectigo’s product capabilities, partner network and reach to more than 16 million websites currently protected by SiteLock. With Bill as CEO, Sectigo itself was acquired by GI Partners, a leading private investment firm, in 2020. This acquisition will support Sectigo’s ongoing innovation and go-to-market expansion to meet the global demand for digital identity management. Bill has built Sectigo into a leading provider of digital identity solutions to more than 700,000 businesses around the world. Sectigo has over 20 years of experience deploying TLS/SSL certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management solutions. The company’s award-winning automated certificate management platform and web security products are available through retail and enterprise channels, as well as a network of more than 1,200 partners worldwide. Bill’s strategic vision includes a focus on delivering solutions that rethink norms and advance the industry, making the internet more secure and safe for businesses and consumers alike. Bill has positioned Sectigo to become the world’s most trusted, innovative, and customer-centric partner for keeping people secure globally.

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