Bill Morrow
Acumera, Inc.



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  1. Since joining Acumera in September 2019, William (Bill) Morrow has strengthened and positioned the company for record growth. Through team structure optimization, automation and scalable processes, Acumera continues to expand and increase sales by 40% year-over-year. To foster a culture of strong communication and transparency, Bill implemented Jack Stack’s “The Great Game of Business” at Acumera. Bringing open-book management and leadership has been vital to the success of the company. Frequent and timely communication — including company financial performance, goals, challenges and opportunities — both top-down and laterally has also proven essential to Acumera’s high performance. Acumera’s work environment is conducive to teamwork and learning, while also challenging employees and helping them to develop skills, advance in their careers and add value to the company. Bill is very hands-on, as he personally mentors and coaches employees at various levels of the organization. The result? Acumera now manages and secures networks at more than 10,000 locations in the US, Canada and Mexico and continues to add hundreds of new locations each month. Through Acumera’s edge computing platform, the company has 70,000+ workloads in the field. Acumera’s technology is certified for the US, Canada, the UK and all of Europe and can be found in top brands in the convenience store, petroleum, food service, manufacturing, retail, unmanned parking and other industries. Bill is charged with ensuring the success of Acumera, a leader in managed security, network visibility, and automation services. Acumera fully secures single-site, multi-site, branch office and corporate office networks, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and IoT devices and safeguards sensitive data, maximizes uptime, and streamlines compliance for its clients. Acumera’s edge computing platform has a full suite of lightweight, edge-computing workloads for monitoring, management, analytics, loyalty programs and more. Acumera is also known for its US-based, best-in-class network operations center (NOC), which provides proactive, 24x7x365 support.

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