Cameron Priest
Founder and CEO



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Cameron grew up on a kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand. When he wasn’t feeding calves, he was building cars. Claiming from the age of 9 that he’d one day be the CEO of his own enterprise, Cameron set up several small scale businesses before establishing TradeGecko; born out of a friend’s battle to efficiently manage their supply chain.

Even though TradeGecko has scaled super quickly, Cameron remains highly involved in nurturing and growing every part of the Gecko family. When he’s not trying his hand at new adventure/water sports, he can be seen wandering from team to team in the TradeGecko office sporting a pair of loafers and an impressive beard.



  1. 1. Visionary – solid business ideas and strategy and ambitious! 2. Inspirational – he energises anyone that spends time talking to him 3. Honest and extremely transparent – he is the most candid business leader I have ever met/worked with.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  2. Deeply invested in the well-being and professional development of his employees. Leads by example and demonstrates servant leadership first. Encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  3. Cam is pretty fearless, and he’s able to just get things done. Incredible amount of drive, highly intelligent, empathetic towards his staff, loves being challenged.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  4. Down to earth, approachable and listen attentively to any feedback given. It’s a flat hierarchy within TradeGecko and Cameron promotes a healthy working culture.

    Staff, submitted on

  5. Cameron has the Intelligence, drive and the willingness to assist anyone in the company which in hand promotes a very positive vibe.

    NA, submitted on

  6. Commitment, Creating a positive and motivated work culture

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  7. Strategy, Analytics, Leadership, Communication

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  8. Visionary and fantastic leader!

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

  9. Open, honest, involved.

    Senior-level professional, submitted on

  10. NA

    NA, submitted on

  11. NA

    NA, submitted on

  12. NA

    NA, submitted on

  13. NA

    NA, submitted on

  14. NA

    NA, submitted on

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