Cassie Whitlock
Director of HR



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Cassie Whitlock joined BambooHR in 2012. She has been helping the company grow as the Director of HR. Previously, she was a finance manager for Spark Networks. She graduated from Utah State University and Utah Valley University.



  1. Cassie’s focus on communication, mediation and employee coaching make her an excellent leader in the industry. By implementing coaching programs and manager one-on-one trainings, she has been able to combat turnover rates and increase talent retention. Recently, Cassie has focused these coaching efforts to the development and IT departments at BambooHR. She worked with the managers of the department to help the managers learn skills that would allow them to better meet the needs of employees. For instance, managers were coached on how to find the root cause of problems employees are facing, how to provide effective career development and how to have helpful crucial conversations. The results have been an overall stronger department with happier employees. Because of the high demand for skilled software engineers, many companies experience a high turnover rate. However, Cassie’s program has successfully decreased this problem and has led to zero instances of voluntary turnover in the IT and development departments in the past two and a half years. Additionally, she manages separations from the company with grace and compassion. She understands that each employee is a person with a vast range of emotion and unique aspirations, and she treats delicate situations such as these with the utmost respect and empathy. Rather than supporting termination outright, she encourages managers to properly communicate any issues they face with their employees and give clear direction for improvement. If no improvement is made, Cassie steps in to mediate and help managers and employees feel understood, each leaving with a clear path for success. Goals are set up within these mediations to help the employee measure progress in the areas that are necessary for him/her to make changes. Because of this, the majority of employees are able to meet their goals and, in turn, keep their jobs. Cassie works hard to enrich the lives of BambooHR employees, educating in a way that resonates with them. At the beginning of the year, her team creates an overarching theme through which employees will approach their work during the next 12 months. In 2017, the selected theme was All In, which focused on an employee’s ability to give and receive helpful feedback. Through workshops on effective communication and how feedback operates in other aspects of their lives, employees were able to reach a better understanding on how to share constructive criticism. Employees would then take what they learned at work back home, improving their interactions beyond the workplace to have a more meaningful and enriched life. Ensuring that employees understand their place within the company and providing them with a groundwork from which they can derive clear meaning has also been a fundamental goal for Cassie. She was instrumental in creating the seven company values that guide employees in their day-to-day operations at BambooHR. The programs she has implemented within the company are a direct reflection of the values she drafted. Grow from good to great and lead from where you are were the values that inspired her to reevaluate the company’s approach to internal growth. Enjoy quality of life is the driving force behind Paid Paid Vacation. Make it count and do the right thing are arguably the most important factors in her work to improve employee benefits options. Assume the best and รข open are sentiments clearly exhibited by her efforts to retain employees through manager-employee mediation rather than outright termination. Her deep understanding of these values directly impacts how she approaches human resources and resonates with professionals well beyond the walls of BambooHR’s office. Cassie’s innovative methods for human resources have influenced many in the field. Recently, she was a speaker at a regional SHRM conference; she also gave a webinar on reporting in HR software, which was ranked one of the Top 100 Business Webinars of 2017 by GoToMeeting and received the 2018 HR Achievement Award. She also serves as a wealth of information to university students hoping to gain some perspective about the industry and its potential career opportunities. Many universities have recognized the excellent HR program and culture at BambooHR and reached out to have Cassie speak to their students. Organizations including many BambooHR customers have also recognized BambooHR as a leader in the area of culture and HR and have reached out to Cassie to ask for her to help them improve. She is happy to help all who reach out to her for guidance, including the innumerable hours she spends mentoring the employees at BambooHR.

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