Cedric Savarese
Founder and CEO



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Cedric Savarese began his professional career over 21 years ago. Today, he is the Founder and CEO of FormAssembly. FormAssembly is an enterprise form platform built to help teams streamline complex processes and drive quality form conversions.

Savarese first got his start in 2000 as a project manager at UpToBe. From there, he went on to Henkel, before eventually rising to a senior web developer at DePaw University, his most recent position prior to joining FormAssembly.

Savarese graduated from Université de Paris with an MS in computer science.



  1. As a natural leader, Cedric Savarese’s personal characteristics contribute to his success in his position as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of FormAssembly. Guiding others with benevolence, many gravitate to his tranquil style and open-door attitude. Extremely thoughtful in his leadership, Cedric is slow to speak and quick to listen. Regarding business, he is strategic in his approach to processes and very meticulous in his decision making. As a generous champion, Cedric is always thinking of his team, customers, and our communities as he continues to make advancements in the SaaS world and beyond.

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  2. Cedric not only excels in his ability to build and grow the company but is also incredibly hands on in improving the product and assisting others to grow. He’s created a culture in the company of not only equipping the people he works with but inspiring them to equip others and collaborate in a way that betters us all.

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  3. He is one of the smartest, gracious and pleasurable people I have come across in my professional career. Working with him is an honour, and we are so fortunate to have him steering the FormAssembly ship with resilience and empathy. Kudos to Cedric!

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  4. Creating a company culture that is respectful, helpful, with empowered employees who are inspired to constantly improve.

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  5. Cedric allows teams and leaders to grow into their own shoes, and consider or implement creative solutions.

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  6. Product leadership – Devoted – Considerate – Accepting and welcoming – Knowledgable in the field

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  7. Respect, diligence, creativity, honesty, generosity, intelligence

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