Christina Cavalli
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer



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  1. In her current role as Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Docupace, Christina leads with transparency and empathy, and strides to keep Docupace employees engaged. To do so, she launched an employee engagement strategy with a quarterly survey, built out an employee engagement committee, and created an internal recognition program. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christina worked alongside the Docupace leadership team to increase company transparency and communication, rolling out flexible work arrangements and ensuring the health, safety and wellness of employees remained a top priority. She has also implemented initiatives to encourage employee engagement and community giving, such as food drives to collect canned goods in the office and monetary fundraisers for local food banks. Following the murder of George Floyd and the growing social unrest that occurred last summer, Christina worked with the CEO of Docupace to identify a local nonprofit to fundraise for. She spearheaded an event which allowed the company to raise over $20,000 for Urban TXT, a group that serves young men of color between the 7th and 11th grade who come from low income communities and provides them with opportunities to attend coding academies and develop leadership skills. Throughout her time at Docupace, Christina has helped to create and foster an inclusive and caring culture at the company. Her genuine passion for the field of HR and helping others is apparent in all the work she does both at Docupace and volunteering her time to help others outside of the office. Christina’s innovative ideas and attention to others have benefited all she works with. Outside of the organization, Christina has also been recently appointed to Co-Chairwoman on the Los Angeles Board of TALK, a voluntary position that helps foster networking opportunities for Talent Acquisition professionals to connect, share best practices, innovate, and improve business processes. She holds a degree in sociology from Sonoma State University.

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