Cynthia Sener
Chief Revenue Officer



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  1. Chief Revenue Officer, Cynthia Sener, displays numerous noteworthy strengths that have led Chatmeter to a great deal of success and played a critical role in taking the company to its next phases of growth, the past several years. The magnitude of Cynthia’s leadership has had a tremendous impact on Chatmeter and has helped establish our organization as a thought leader in the tech space. Her unfaltering dedication and resilience can be seen throughout the entire company by her willingness to provide continuous support on all existing and future departmental business ventures. While in the CRO role at Chatmeter, Sener has expanded the marketing, sales, sales operations, and customer success teams which encompass a large percentage of the organization. This has enabled the organization to optimize and streamline both internal and external processes, creating a fantastic end-to end customer experience. Her ability to recruit, and lead such a diverse set of teams has enabled Chatmeter to continually be recognized as a leading software vendor in various categories on G2 Crowd’s review website. But most impressive is Sener’s ability to effortlessly drive and scale business initiatives while simultaneously going above and beyond to dedicate enough time to each individual to ensure they have enough guidance and mentorship may seem nearly impossible, but it’s what she is known for. As a full-time mother, tech leader, advocate for youth STEM studies, and a volunteer for the local community, she is undeniably a force to be reckoned with. Cynthia Sener is highly respected as a leader and is truly an inspiration to our organization and community.

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