Dan Matthews
Chief Technical Officer



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  1. This year Dan launched IFS Cloud with the help of his global RnD team. They spent double the amount they usually do on RnD to bring the first single product to the software market. This product smashes silos and operates on a single platform with a single data model using kubernetes and low code, no code technology. The product also offers innovation natively ‘out the box’ this includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and IoT – all the current drivers in the market. Dan’s ability to explain this technology in a simple succinct manner was invaluable during the launch of IFS Cloud, it helped us to obtain worldwide coverage, he interviewed with various analysts and industry experts and he is quick to push the credit on his team who he is innately proud of. Navigating a new product of this capacity, something that is completely new and unique to the industry is quite something, Dan led that charge.

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