Dan Rodrigues
Founder, CEO, & Chairman


Overall Rank: 10

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Dan Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of Kareo. He founded the company in 2004 with a vision of simplifying medical offices with web-based medical billing software that replaces the expensive and complex medical billing and practice management systems doctors have today. Under Dan’s leadership, Kareo has since created the most user-friendly, easy-to-buy, and easy-to-setup software on the market offering immediate benefits with reduced risks and costs.

Dan grew up with entrepreneurial parents, a factor which contributed to his success. Dan attended University of Washington then transferred to and graduated from UCLA with a BS in Computer Science.

Prior to launching Kareo, Dan started creating technology for the healthcare industry in 2001 as a co-founder and managing partner of Skematix, a software consulting firm based in Southern California. Among the various projects he led, Dan designed and built a web-based medical billing software and healthcare information system for a national medical billing company. During his tenure at Skematix, Dan also designed an online auction service for industrial equipment, a self-service Internet kiosk for airports, and an online music service.

In the late 1990’s, Dan was the co-founder and CEO of Scour, a very popular search engine for finding music and video files online used by more than 10 million consumers. Scour played a transformational role in driving the music and entertainment industries towards the digital distribution of their content over the Internet. With Scour, Dan raised $12.5 million in venture capital financing from Michael Ovitz, Ron Burkle, and Ron Conway, lead a 70-person organization, designed the Scour Exchange peer-to-peer software downloaded by more than 7 million registered users, developed other patented technologies, and sold the company in 2000.

Dan began his career as a software developer for RealNetworks and Visio. With RealNetworks, Dan developed the first ad-insertion and pay-per-view technologies for streaming music and video on the Internet. With Visio, Dan developed Internet software enabling users to find and download shapes directly into Visio, the award-winning business diagramming software that was later acquired by Microsoft in 1999 and integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity software.



  1. Very hard worker, strives for success in all that he does. Very positive and uplifting attitude. Sincerely cares about his employees and tries hard to assist them in growing within the company Open to suggestions and ideas from staff and the management team. Leads weekly “town hall” meetings to keep employees aware of happenings within the company; introducing new members to the various teams within the company; and taking time to publicly recognize the achievements of others. Strives to promote a happy and fulfilling atmosphere for employees at all company locations.

    Staff, submitted on

  2. Strengths include being a positive leader and helping everyone to see how we are each part of the bigger Kareo picture. Excellent communicator- conducts weekly town hall meetings for his Irvine corporate employees and encourages feedback – both positive and negative. Hires good people at the top who help to reinforce his corporate vision of growth, innovation and continued improvement in everything we do.

    Mid-level professional, submitted on

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