David F. Giannetto
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David F. Giannetto is the Chief Executive Officer of WorkWave. He first joined the company in 2019 as chief operating officer. WorkWave empowers service-oriented companies to reach their full potential through scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of their business life-cycle.

Previously, Giannetto was the COO of Astea International and before that an SVP of performance management at Salient Corporation. Earlier in his career he worked with the US Army as a logistics officer.

Giannetto earned an MBA from Rutgers University – Newark and an undergraduate degree in business management from Monmouth University.



  1. David F. Giannetto was appointed CEO of WorkWave in December 2019, after eight months of serving as WorkWave’s COO. During this time, Giannetto has spearheaded key initiatives across product, marketing, engineering, sales, services, and support to build WorkWave into the purpose-driven company it is today. WorkWave expects to increase in revenue year over year by 40%, and under his leadership, WorkWave is on track to hit these goals, even amid the COVID-19 crisis. Giannetto’s major strengths include: his ability to effectively lead cross-departmental teams, holding them accountable while also providing the necessary support; his focus on building a customer-centric business and being a great partner; and his passion for creating a supportive and engaging company culture. Giannetto takes a forward-looking approach to his leadership by establishing a clear vision and goals for the company, and empowering his teams to reach these goals by holding them accountable to realistic expectations. He recently spearheaded a major company-wide initiative with the launch of WorkWave Payments, a streamlined, PCI Level 1 certified payment solution seamlessly integrated into WorkWave solutions – a first for the field service industry, and the first field service software company to mass migrate a $1.4 billion book of business. As a software company first, taking a look at the payments industry from an outside-in viewpoint has enabled WorkWave to really see where the challenges lie and where successes can be uncovered, enabling it to develop a solution that truly disrupts the field service industry. So far, 90% of WorkWave customers are saving money with better rates and no additional fees. Giannetto’s passion for the customer has also allowed him to build a more customer-centric business, which has been especially important over the past few months as the business landscape for field service providers has dramatically shifted. As a trusted partner to its field service customers, WorkWave has been able to give them the tools and support they needed to quickly adapt to the changes that COVID-19 has brought upon their businesses, while also ensuring that they remain profitable and that they remain competitive in their industries. Giannetto has implemented user groups, as well as an executive steering committee made up of WorkWave customers across industries, where the company can garner feedback from its customers, discuss why certain decisions are being made as a company, and where it is moving for the future. These initiatives have imessemsely impacted WorkWave’s relationship with its customers, fostering a deeper, more trusting partnership. Lastly, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, under Giannetto’s leadership WorkWave has been able to protect every single employee’s job, even if it meant shifting strategies. Through even the most uncertain times, Giannetto’s commitment to WorkWave employees has always come first which has helped the company retain its best talent and provide an exciting and fulfilling environment, allowing it to continue to bring innovative and powerful tools to market for its customers.

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  2. David F. Giannetto has been CEO of WorkWave since December 2019, when he advanced from his previous role as COO. Since then, Giannetto has ushered in a new growth phase for WorkWave. Under Giannetto’s leadership, the company saw 47% organic revenue growth and 131% growth in profitability in 2020. The company announced in March 2021 that EQT and TA Associates elevated WorkWave’s status in their respective portfolios to a free standing company. With this repositioning, Giannetto has been able to strengthen WorkWave’s position as a leader in the field service industry, evolving and expanding the company’s portfolio. He has dedicated himself to making WorkWave the strongest partner possible for those operating field service businesses and has focused on the organic growth of the WorkWave portfolio, as well as partnerships and acquisitions that enable WorkWave to give its customers an even more distinct advantage. In May 2021, WorkWave acquired Slingshot, the leading provider of field service customer call center software. This was followed shortly by the acquisition of Real Green Systems, the leading software provider in the green service industries. Giannetto also worked to partner WorkWave with Target Specialty Products™, integrating their e-commerce platform directly into the WorkWave Marketplace to provide customers with exclusive savings. Along with PestPac, WorkWave Service, ServMan, Route Manager, and WorkWave Payments, Slingshot and Real Green Systems bolster the comprehensive suite of offerings that WorkWave provides to its customers. These acquisitions speak strongly to Giannetto’s commitment to providing WorkWave customers with everything they need to focus on the future and go beyond service. No other field service software company offers the depth and breadth of service offerings to drive the industry forward. Whether it’s new features, product offerings, integrations, or acquisitions, Giannetto’s priority is to provide customers with the tools they need to gain a competitive advantage in their local market. Achieving this goal relies on cohesive leadership across products and departments, which Giannetto works tirelessly to deliver. From support to accountability, he is laser focused on providing his team with everything they need to better support WorkWave’s customers. Under Giannetto’s leadership, WorkWave has grown its market share and has proven time and again that it is the partner field service companies can rely on to achieve their full potential, even in the face of the unexpected. Giannetto’s customer-centric approach to leadership has been key to achieving WorkWave’s mission to stand out as a true partner for today’s field service businesses, cementing WorkWave’s place as the dominant player in core field service industries and empowering its customers to go beyond service.

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