David Hassell
Chief Executive Officer



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David Hassell is the Chief Executive Officer of 15Five. 15Five is a human-centered performance management platform that creates effective managers, highly engaged employees, and top-performing organizations. Hassell has over 22 years in the software industry. He began his career in 1999.

Before joining 15Five, Hassell was a co-founder and facilitator at Strategy Day and before that a co-founder, principal and CTO at Endai Worldwide.

Hassell graduated from Tufts University with an undergraduate degree in computer engineering.



  1. David is mission driven. He genuinely cares about people; employees, customers, investors, and really everyone on the planet. He regularly makes himself available to anyone on the team who has concerns. He is humble and will share vulnerably to increase trust and connectedness. He’s direct, supportive, and honest. He shares information during prosperous or difficult times and is not afraid to give or receive critical feedback. He is a great role model by working exceptionally hard but also models how to take down-time so that employees feel empowered to do the same. David is a futurist. He sees where the market is heading and guides the team to be pioneers. He understands the greater business, SaaS, tech, and finance landscapes. He has built a broad network, and communicates powerfully and clearly via nearly any medium. This is critical, since ambiguous communications from leadership can have negative impacts both internally and externally. He is a great learner and teacher and voraciously devours information. He regularly recommends research, frameworks, thought leadership, and expert advice for almost any situation to any employee. Perhaps most importantly, David listens deeply and gathers information from the people who work on the frontlines before making decisions with consensus from our other leaders. This way, he acts not based on whim, but on the experiences and advice of customers and employees and the realities of the market.

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