David Horowitz
Chief Executive Officer and a Co-Founder



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David Horowitz began his professional career over 18 years ago. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer and a Co-Founder of Retrium. Retrium provides facilitation techniques to help your team easily run great retros with or without a facilitator.

Horowitz first got his start in 2003 as a software developer at the Center for Advanced Transport Technology Laboratory. From there, he went on to The World Bank, before eventually rising to business solutions officer at International Finance Corporation, his most recent position prior to joining Retrium.

Horowitz graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an MSE in technology management and from the University of Maryland College Park with undergraduate degrees in computer science and economics.



  1. David consistently leads with empathy, vulnerability, and integrity. The core values he and the others on the leadership team identified as the pillars of our culture are a true reflection of who he is and how he leads. The result is a psychologically safe environment that attracts amazing talent and empowers each team member with the trust to act autonomously. He is steady and consistent in setting the example for how we can be better humans both professionally and personally.

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