Desmond Lim
CEO & Co-Founder



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  1. ***Disclaimer – – this is a quick summary of his strengths. We would need to wordsmith this if he is selected. Thanks for your consideration and cooperation! Desmond is a humble and powerful leader. You will always find him leading out by example. He’ll be the first to cold call a prospect – – the first to help a customer in need – – the first to volunteer his own resources to help others. He will never ask you to do something he wouldn’t do himself. He is humble and hungry. Desmond has empathy for our customers. Because he once owned his own small business, he has a deep understanding of the customers we’re serving. And he is completely committed to the success of each individual customer. He creates and maintains clarity in the business. Often times when teams are getting bogged down or slowed by seemingly complex obstacles, Desmond has the ability to isolate key elements, identify the strategic imperatives, and create clear goals and objectives for the team. Desmond’s super power though, is his commitment to winning. He will not let anything keep us from accomplishing our company goals. He is constantly pushing the status quo to a higher level. He lifts and inspires the team to accomplish more day over day.

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