Dhiraj Sharma
CEO & Co-Founder
Simpplr Inc.



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Dhiraj Sharma began his professional career 14 years ago. Today, he is the CEO & Co-Founder of Simpplr Inc. Simpplr is today’s modern intranet. Simpplr makes it possible for businesses to connect, align, and engage their entire workforce across the enterprise.

Sharma first got his start in 2007 as a founder & CEO at Simplion Technologies Inc. From there, he went on to founder and CEO at Lirik Inc., his most recent position prior to joining Simpplr Inc.

Sharma graduated from San Jose State University with an MS in computer engineering.



  1. Dhiraj Sharma is the CEO and co-founder of Simpplr, employee communications, and enablement platform. Since founding Simpplr, Dhiraj has used his strengths as an empathetic and people-driven leader to grow Simpplr from a few employees to a few hundred in just a few short years. He has been recognized for his leadership as one of the highest-rated CEOs on Glassdoor with a consistent 100% rating. His attention to employee wellbeing and health has created a cohesive culture that has fueled Simpplr’s growth and is a testament to the adage, “if you treat your employees well, your customers will be treated well.” Even though extraordinarily trying times during the pandemic, Dhiraj successfully navigated Simpplr’s team to extraordinary growth.

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