Dominic Gallello
Symphony Industrial AI


Top SaaS CEOs 2018


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Dominic Gallello is the CEO of Symphony Industrial AI, and its portfolio company Symphony Azima AI. An established technology leader with a deep background in vertical engineering software solutions, Mr. Gallello has an established track record of building great products, driving an intense customer focus, and developing global brands. His teams have received more than fifty product awards, including two R&D 100 awards. He was recently named as SaaS Top 50 CEO. Mr. Gallello has led three successful public and private software companies over the past 16 years, resuliting in ~$1.3B in exit value. Earlier in his career, Mr. Gallello held Executive Vice President positions leading product development at Autodesk and Macromedia and served as President of Intergraph Japan. He holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Monmouth University.



  1. Dominic is a hard-driven, energetic, charismatic, personable CEO who shows his commitment to both our customers and our employees in his every day actions. He is relatively new in our complex company that recently merged 3 different businesses with different SaaS environments and strategies but has been able to quickly understand the challenges from all vantage points and drive an appropriate strategy that will reduce redundancy and confusion, increase revenue, decrease rollout time and increase uptime for our customers as well as improve overall employee morale. Dominic is very hands on, regularly on the road meeting with our customer across the globe. He came into a difficult situation with frustrated customers and employees and in a very short timeframe, has turned the company around.

    Senior-level professional, submitted on

  2. Dominic knows how to truly empower his employees. His presence at this company has been a true breath of fresh air, we finally have a true leader with an unparalleled enthusiasm for success. Dominic engages with his employees across a broad spectrum of areas and it never once feels like there is any “micro-managing” occurring but rather just genuine care. Dominic makes strategic decisions that truly benefit the overall health of the company. Dominic’s vast knowledge of multiple industries makes him an asset that we truly grateful to have on our team.

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