Donna Howell
Vice President, Customer Experience
ACS Technologies



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Donna is the Vice President of Client Experience and is responsible for planning and operations of the customer support department. Her focus is on customer satisfaction and client retention. Donna has also served as a Customer Support Manager. She actually started as a support representative in 1985, when the company was still called Computer Dimensions. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lander College.



  1. Customer Empathy – Donna always puts the customer first in evaluating ideas for improvement. Of course she considers the business goals too, and impact on employees. But she also consistently considers how our clients, who are churches, and our users, leader and staff in churches, will be impacted by the proposed action. Analytical Chops. Customer Service can be an emotional hotbed. Donna tried to look at the facts in a situation, and gather data as needed, to make a balanced decision. Employee Advocacy – Donna ensures a strong and fair working environment for her large team, and provides opportunities for contribution and advancement in her department and around the company.

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