Dror Katzav
Founder & CEO



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Dror Katzav is the Founder & CEO of Atidot. Atidot is an AI cloud-based platform, tailored specifically to the needs of the life insurance industry, enabling insurers to grow their customer’s life time value and create new revenues. Katzav has 12 years in the finance industry. He began his career in 2009.

Before joining Atidot, Katzav was a project manager at Israel Defense Forces.

Last Name graduated from Tel Aviv University with an MS in management sciences and information technology and from Hebrew University with an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics.



  1. Dror is an inspirational, transformational and servant leader. I would list his key strengths as the following: – He is a visionary in the application of data science and artificial intelligence to the Insurtech Sector as demonstrated by the many innovation awards Atidot has received over the last 5 years such as Gartner’s Cool Vendor in Insurance Award – Dror is passionate about the success of Atidot’s clients and is personally committed to help solve the under-insurance crises. He led the production of the Atidot UnderInsurance Study, and the development of the proprietary predictive analytics product offering in iPipeline’s InsureSight which specifically identifies market opportunities and service gaps to carriers. – Dror fosters a fun, collaborative, high-performance, learning work environment. He is a leader beloved and trusted by his employees. I have worked at many renowned companies: General Electric, Kellogg, IBM, TD Ameritrade, and Aflac to name a few. Dror is one of the best CEO’s I have ever worked for and I am confident he is leading us to sustained success.

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  2. Dror’s is an amazing leader to our company and is considered a visionary in the life insurance industry. He is a brilliant data scientist with advanced degrees in science, and physics and at the same time, he knows how to simplify complex issues and convince industry leaders to follow his footsteps. Dror is a Co Founder at Atidot, a company aiming at revolutionizing the insurance industry from within, using advanced AI & ML solutions. He understands software, but is also a sought after speaker at international events for his in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the life insurance including market trends and current challenges. Dror’s strength is by bridging the conservatism of a highly regulated industry with advanced technology and the needs of Millenials and younger generations. He has a great sense of humor and is a very modest individual, a rare quality for CEO’s that makes him stand out in today’s world.

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  3. Visionary and has executed a strategy to create significant value for his clients. Also, Dror has an impressive ability to communicate the value of software to non-tech clients.

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  4. Able to bring together people of diverse perspectives to work together towards a common goal.

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  5. Intelligence Professionalism Passion Compassion Humility

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