Duke Chung
Founder & CEO



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  1. Since TravelBank’s launch in 2016, Founder and CEO, Duke Chung, has put a significant emphasis on creating and sustaining a diverse, collaborative and opportunity-driven company culture. Duke empowers his employees to take action and put their expertise to work, believing that great ideas can come from anywhere. This philosophy has encouraged his team members to pursue projects that in turn, have led to product features on TravelBank’s platform. Additionally, over the past year and a half, Duke has led his team through a complete pivot of their revenue model. With Duke’s unwavering leadership, the TravelBank team quickly rolled out new product offerings, including Expense 2.0 and credit card management features, focused on helping companies manage their business payments and keep expenses more streamlined. Duke’s concentration on the bigger picture helped his company identify additional revenue opportunities through partnerships and new product offerings. The team’s proven agility, under Duke’s leadership, to pivot into the fintech industry with expenses has helped the company establish better footing within their industry, preparing TravelBank for future growth.

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