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Ed Daihl is the CEO of TrackVia Inc. He first joined the company in 2019 as Chief Executive Officer. TrackVia offers the most-trusted app building platform for anyone looking for a better way to work. TrackVia gives business people and IT experts the ability to easily build and integrate apps to track, manage, and automate processes in days, not weeks.

Previously, Daihl was a CEO at Daihl Development and before that a chief executive officer at Accela. Earlier in his career he worked with Digital Equipment Corporation as a senior sales executive.

Daihl earned an undergraduate degree in business administration & data processing from the University of Baltimore.



  1. I am excited to nominate Ed Daihl, CEO of TrackVia for the Top CEO award. Ed is a more recent addition to the TrackVia Team, but he has been a mobilizing force in an uncertain time. Joining TrackVia, only around 18 months ago, Ed was already pushing the company for responsible and scaled expansion. He has an extensive background in leading software companies and he knew exactly what needed to be done with a low-code company that was ready to grow. He guides our teams to be more effective, looks at ways we can improve functionality in our product, and actively listens and visits our customers to understand where their pain points are so he knows the direction our company needs to pursue. Even as the start of the pandemic meant that TrackVia couldn’t fully move into its new space in the heart of Downtown Denver, Ed put the health and safety of his employees first and switched to a work-from-home, remote model that everyone has appreciated and thrived in. He supports employee decisions to continue to work remotely as necessary and he has always taken the “family first” approach knowing that employees will be more productive if they can feel supported in their decisions to visit and take care of family members as needed. During Covid, he also recognized the position our customers were in and worked with them all to sustain their operations in uncertain times. He worked with all of them on pricing and encouraged them to continue utilizing our platform at no extra cost to track needed employee and building statuses during the pandemic and providing the same applications free of charge to companies in need. Ed is also very philanthropic and promotes causes that are dear to his heart, but encourages his employees to champion their causes as well. He has supported employee holiday giving campaigns, a summer Extreme Community Makeover clean-up week, and Children’s Hospital donations, just to name a few. He was quick when he started to implement volunteer days within our company to encourage giving back events with local nonprofit organizations. Overall, Ed’s leadership is proving to be a quiet force that is highlighting TrackVia as a leader in the citizen development movement and strengthening the company and it’s culture for a lasting presence in the low/no-code market.

    Staff, submitted on

  2. I’m the newest member of our Executive team at TrackVia and during my time in the role Ed has been a fabulous mentor to me personally and I’ve seen him lead by example more broadly. Ed has been generous with his time and experience as he has helped me mature. With his input we’ve been able to vastly improve the efficiency of our Professional Services group while consistently growing the top line revenue of PS through new product offerings and excellent service that keeps customers coming back for more. As the leader of TrackVia, Ed made sure that employees felt well taken care of during the uncertainty surrounding COVID. Through swift and decisive action we were able to adjust our staffing plans so that all employees were able to working safely and remotely, we had zero layoffs, zero furloughs, and zero pay reductions! Ed’s personal passions for giving back to the community have been well received by the entire team at TrackVia and he’s supported us as we’ve increased the amount of volunteer work in the Denver area. Lastly, Ed has a steady hand when it comes to the responsible management of the business. We have clear growth goals and we’ve invested our resources responsibly in strategic alignment with these targets in mind. Though I’m new to the Exec team, I’ve been at TrackVia for 6 years (even longer as a customer before joining the team) and this is the most excited that I’ve ever been about our prospects for success!

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  3. As an experienced CEO, Ed leads by setting goals for our team while keeping the organization on track. As a result, we have very clear instructions on how to keep the company moving forward – we know what to focus on and more importantly, what not to focus on. Some recent highlights: – we grew the company in 2020! – he safely navigated the company through the trials of COVID – establishing WFH policies and keeping everyone safe. – he has inspried the company to give back to the community – having been in the CEO seat at several companies, he knows how to set goals and empower people to push beyond what they might think they are capable of

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  4. Driven to succeed, industry knowledge, networking skills, compassion for employees, open minded, approachable, open door policy, employee were encouraged to work from home for over a year and a half during COVID, no layoffs during COVID, passionate about philanthropy and diversity and inclusion.

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

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